Agistri Greece is a small island located very close to Athens, and just a short ferry ride away. It’s a trendy holiday destination, due to its proximity to the capital, but also for its lovely beaches. Skala is a favorite place to visit on the Greek Island of Agistri (Αγκίστρι in Greek), with many tourist facilities and beautiful beaches. There is also nudist beach in Chalkiada, within walking range from Skala.

Agistri Greece
Aponissos Beach, Agistri Island

For people that like taking tours this is a perfect place to do so because the local bus and a road train do just that, showing you the beautiful beaches of Aponissos and Dragonera. Agistri Island is an ideal place for a holiday or a day trip from Athens or Aegina.

Agistri Villages

There are three main villages on Agistri Island: 

Skala Village

Megalochori may be the capital city of the island, but Skala Village is the most popular place to visit when traveling to Agistri. The villages are surrounded by lovely nature, having kept their traditional architecture intact. There are many hotels and accommodations located in or around these communities.

The natural port of Agistri is in Skala. There are a lot of fabulous places to go and things to do in Agistri, and particularly in Skala, including restaurants, bars, cafes, and taverns, which is why it’s so popular among visitors. Skala is almost the only place on the island where you can see upscale accommodations and the tourists who seek them.

Restaurants on the island offer the delicious traditional meals, which is why they’re regarded as the best ones on the island. Besides the restaurants, taverns, and accommodations there are also fun and exciting nightclubs where you can enjoy the late hours.

Skala Beach is one of the busiest beaches on the island, with shallow shores that make it ideal for families with young kids because they’re safe. Being a sandy beach may be preferred by some family for its safety and convenience. You can find many options for accommodations in proximity to the beach, providing superb views and the convenience to stroll over to the beach at any time.

Agii Anargyri Church, Skala

Other than convenient amenities provided, check out other interesting places like Agii Anargyrii Church. It’s one of the leading Agistri tourist attractions, drawing those who are intrigued by its construction. For visitors interested in seeing the most notable places of Agistri, there’s the local bus that connects Megalochori, Skala, and Limenaria.

Megalochori Village in Agistri Greece

Megalochori, the capital of Agistri, played a significant role in ancient times regarding naval operations. But economic support came from the tourism industry and not the marine operations. Megalochori is surrounded by crystal clear water – much like that which encompasses all the Greek Islands. Luckily, its traditional look isn’t disturbed by the modern hotels. The village is also rich in time-honored cafes. Megalochori is a stone-built village, having a windmill and pretty gardens. It even has a few modern hotels, but Megalochori has managed to maintain its traditional look. The Church of Agioi Pantes is located in the pine forest, surviving throughout the times, dating back a long time ago, when it was part of Kandouki Village – a village that no longer exists.

Limenaria Village

Limenaria is situated 5 km north-east of Megalochori Village, close to Polemi. It boasts a gold church dedicated to Agia Kyriaki that dominates the village. The Port of Marisa, with a beach of the same name, is one of the most popular beaches on Agistri Island. It’s easy to become inspired to dive when you can see the bottom of the sea even in the deep waters. The experience of deep-sea diving in Agistri will leave you with incredible memories, so it is a highly recommended thing to do while vacationing on Agistri Island. It is even better to try deep-sea diving at dusk or dawn when the colors of the sea are most vibrant.

Limenaria also has very charming taverns that cook up delicious Greek dishes at incredibly attractive prices. Great finds include high-quality olive oil, local herbs and spices grown and harvested by the locals, as well as fruits, and high-quality fabrics.

Agistri Greece
Courtesy of Hotel Agistri

These are must-visit places that reflect the village’s traditional look and culture – simple but very charming.

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