Alonissos Island Vacations for Peace and Relaxation

Alonissos (Αλόννησος in Greek), sometimes spelled Alonisos, is nature’s island. Without a doubt, Alonissos Greece is one of the more beautiful of all the Greek Islands. It’s actually a part of the North Sporades Islands cluster, and just 2 nautical miles from Skopelos.


If you and your family prefer vacations that are relaxing and peaceful, you will find the soft quiet of Alonissos Island ideal. The colors are a perfect match, as the trees beam green and the seas sparkle blue.

You can pass the time in the port, but it is the old village of the island, Hora, where you will discover the magic you seek. Take a walk through the traditional town’s narrow streets and admire the lovely houses.

Another bonus about Alonissos is its excellent beaches, a favorite of which is Kokkinokastro Beach, where the red sands and crystal waters come together spectacularly. Don’t miss out on going for an all-day cruise and visiting the sea park; you may just get a wave from a Mediterranean seal!

Things to Do in Alonissos

Sights of the Sporades Islands

The main attraction of Alonissos is its beauty, and as you make your way to the southern part of the island, your relaxation will take place on beaches with teal-colored waters, surrounded by pine trees.


Making your way to the central and northern parts of Alonissos, you will discover the village of Hora and a collection of serene hiking trails. Stress will leave your vocabulary on Alonissos.

A Walk Through Hora

Time your walk in the Hora Town to witness the colors of the sky as the sun sets, and remember how the light touches everything around you. Don’t leave it all to memory, of course, take a snapshot of the sunset to hang on your wall at home! The arrangement of the homes in Hora looks like a castle overlooking the sea.

Make the Hike

No need to worry about missing out on all your exercise while on vacation. There are many hiking paths which will lead you into a natural world full of lush vegetation and indescribable colors. The choice of the hiking pace is yours, as there are calmer and more challenging paths. Either way, be sure to make the hike to Agion Anargyron church.

Look for Seals of Alonissos

Alonissos is home to the Mediterranean monk seal and is one of the last refuges for the rare and intelligent animal. The national marine park protects the seals, who live in remote caves, that boats and people are forbidden to approach.

Alonissos’ Secret Treasures and Aegean Deep-Sea Treasures

Archaeologists in Peristera discovered a shipwreck, which revealed that the Greeks had built cargo ships with a capacity of over 100 ton! The area is home to eight different shipwrecks, ancient and medieval. Who knows what treasures are yet to be found?

The Threshing Festival of Alonissos

Join this festival where the local women of the island prepare trahana, a cracked wheat and fermented milk soup, and a variety of other traditional foods, while musicians play traditional songs. Allow joy to take over your body and mind.

Pelagonisi Island

Also known as Kyra-Panagia, this island is the largest uninhabited island of the Northern Sporades. Archaeological findings show, however, that this island was likely ancient Alonissos, as it was once inhabited in 6,000 BC. For a quiet day, visit the Monastery of Kyra-Panagia and the olive oil press and windmill.

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