Anafi Island Beaches

Natural Anafi Island Beaches

Anafi has an exotic flair that draws visitors who want a different beach experience than most tourists. Its rocky coastline makes it very attractive to many who enjoy remote landscapes. That said, this island may not be right for everyone. However, those who overlook it might live to regret it. There are few beautiful places in the world that have somehow avoided the growing populations and what comes with them, but that’s not so here. Anafi Island beaches are scenic and serene.

Anafi Island Beaches Greek Island Secrets


The following are Anafi Island beaches to help you plan your trip:

Kleisidi Beach

This small oasis along the southern coastline of Anafi offers a sandy beach that’s lined by pretty fish taverns that provide natives and tourists a great dining experience day after day. There are modest accommodations nearby to ensure a serene getaway without the need of transportation.

Katsouni Beach and Flamourou Beach

Katsouni and Flamourou Beaches also offer golden sand with crystal clear waters that allow you to see right to the bottom. These coves are perfect for relaxing, swimming, and soaking up the sun.

Megalos Roukounas

Megalos Roukounas is the most popular of the sandy beaches on the island of Anafi. It offers 400 meters of shoreline, with plenty of rooms to rent for accommodations. The wonderful nearby tavern serves great delicacies for anyone with an appetite. This picturesque beach is actually the outlet of a gorge, which transforms into a modest plain with ample prickly pears and olive trees.

If you prefer a pebble beach, Megas Potamos, meaning Big River is the place to go.

For a unique experience not soon to be forgotten is the circumnavigation of the Kalamos Peninsula. Arriving by boat, you’ll take in the majestic limestone cliffs that rise to above 350 meters! It’s certainly a venue not to be missed, either for mountain sports or water sports, or both.

The coves of Agios Georgios that also offer the eponymous chapel are found at the northwestern part of the island, followed by Symiakos which is situated at the northernmost edge.

The western and southern parts of the island of Anafi offer pebbly beaches, like Kalaggathi, Prassa and Kyparissi, among others.

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