Antiparos Island Attractions – Relaxing Vacations and Things to Do

Antiparos Tourist Attractions

The islet of Antiparos is perfect for a peaceful and comfortable vacation, and may quickly be reached from Parikia or Pounda by boat. Whether you want to bask in the sun and relax, Antiparos Island attractions can provide everything you want from a holiday getaway.

The ancient name of Antiparos was Oliaros. A leading Neolithic settlement was unearthed in the neighboring islet of Saliagos and is regarded as the earliest in Cyclades.

Antiparos Island Attractions


Interesting Antiparos Island Attractions

Antiparos Castle

Hora (Town) of Antiparos has been constructed around a 15th century Venetian fortress, which is one of the things to do in Antiparos.


Antiparos Island attractions


The Cavern of Antiparos

The cavern of Antiparos is situated on Ayios Ioannis Hill, which is well-known for its marvelous stalagmite and stalactite formations; here, you’ll find the earliest stalagmite in Europe! Based on an early inscription, one of the visitors in the cavern was a great lyric poet of the antiquity, Archilochos the Parian.

antiparos island attractions

It lies a just opposite Paros Island and has so much to offer. Who knows, you may even run into Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife, who have a home on the island.

Take pleasure in the sun on shores along the island’s beautiful shoreline. Practice canoe or diving ! Excavations keep showing significant historical gems, which are displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Paros. Little tourist boats can access the islets.