Antiparos Island At a Glance – Secluded Paradise Holiday

Lying adjacent to Paros is Antiparos Island, which makes it a great day trip on a secret Greek Island hopping holiday. Aglow with natural beauty, this island is paradise in the Aegean Sea.

Upon arriving at the picture-perfect harbor of Antiparos in Chora, visitors are immediately seduced by what is before them: welcoming alleyways lined with azure-accented white homes and eucalyptus trees. What a sight, indeed!

The stunning vistas, serenity, and rich history of this Cyclades Island are but a few characteristics of the island. Expect relaxing moments, while at other times, an exciting nightlife. Enjoy peaceful walks on nature trails or challenging hikes.

Antiparos Island is an absolute dream. Its heavenly beaches, breathtaking coves, caves that are out of this world, and in contrast, its landscapes only the gods could have designed.

Firstly, the main hamlet features a Venetian castle that visitors could reach alone, or go on a professional tour or excursions to explore the island. Boats can also be hired and of course, swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters is a given.

The hamlet is simply fascinating, architecturally speaking. Furthermore, the wall of their fortress is actually formed by the two-storey homes that connect to each other, protecting the churches and pretty neighborhoods behind them.

Celebrities of Antiparos

Tourists who prefer a more carefree lifestyle would be at home in Antiparos, like Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson who call Antiparos their summer home.

Certainly, swimming is the main activity on Antiparos, and nudism is to be expected as some of the island’s beaches.

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The local specialties are many and all can be enjoyed further with “tsikoudia,” though this strong alcoholic drink is not for everyone.

Antiparos Cave

The Antiparos Cave dates back to the Stone Age, according to archaeological findings and carvings found inside it. The enormous cave is not an average one! It sits high on the hill of Ai-Yiannis offering incredible views, but it requires over 400 steps to walk down to its entrance!

Time has helped sculpt the cave with its cascading stalactites and its stalagmites – decorative stones hanging overhead enchant any visitor.

Best Ways to See Antiparos

Tour the island by bike! Rent them at Chora, and experience it up close, while cycling to Livadia. Or go by sea and witness first-hand the turquoise waters and take in the stunning, exotic scenery of the adjacent islets.

Antiparos Beaches

Prepare to be dazzled by the amazing beaches of Antiparos, whatever is defined as amazing by a tourist. Choose the appropriate beach for you. Do you like pebbled or carpeted with sand, deep and rough with strong waves, or shallow and calm? Antiparos has it all!

Antiparos Beach

Close to the main hamlet, Kastro, are the following beaches: Kalargyrou, Agios Spyridonas, Sifneiko, and the popular camping beach, Theologos.

Other devine Antiparos beaches around the island include: Agios Georgios, Apantima, Kampos, Livadia, Glyfa, Monastiria, Soros, and Sostis. From Agios Georgios Beach, visitors can cross over to Despotiko to explore the stunning waters of Livadi.

Despotiko, the small uninhabited islet just west of Antiparos is another jewel to visit for tourists who want to lay low and unwind. With its raw and rocky landscapes and unspoiled beaches, and the most vibrant blue colors, every visitor will be spellbound.

The Ancient Temple of Apollo and Artemis

Not too far away are the archaeological excavations of Apollo’s and Artemis’ ancient temple. They are certain to reveal the secrets of this Greek island.

Antiparos Island Festivals

The Festival of Agios Ioannis, inside the castle happens annually on June 23 – June 24. It gives tourists the opportunity to celebrate with the locals. Another popular 3-day celebration – the festival of Agia Marina which happens every July 15.

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Map of Antiparos Island Greece