This Is How to Choose the Best Greek Island for Your Vacation!

Greece is renowned for its thousands of islands, but only a mere 227 of them are actually inhabited and they truly are the jewels of the Mediterranean. There are clusters of Greek islands that dot the waters of the Ionian, the Aegean, and surrounding waters, and each has its own unique and alluring characteristics. With so many to choose from, it can be a difficult task for someone on a limited budget and time. So, we’ve simplified it to help you choose the best Greek Island for your vacation, no matter how short or long it is to be, and friendly to what ever budget you’re working with.

choose the best greek island for your vacation

The Way to Choose the Best Greek Island for Your Vacation

For a short vacation with limited time, here’s some advice. One of the best things you can do is choose just one or two neighboring islands. Or, if you’re interested in visiting numerous islands at once, then you should choose a group or a cluster of islands to do what is called Greek island hoppingwhether they are in the Cyclades, Sporades, Saronic, Northern Aegean, or the Dodecanes Islands.

choose the best Greek island for your vacation

The Cyclades are of the top Greek islands and have an excellent ferryboat schedule that allows tourists to travel from one island to the next quickly and hassle-free. However, being extremely popular islands, it may be difficult to get on ferries in peak season. This can actually happen in any of the island clusters. So prepare for delays – patience is a virtue.

Before setting off to your dream island destination in Greece, consider what you want out of your vacation. With regards to the Greek islands, you can generally count on good weather and plenty of sunshine.. So, give plenty of thought to everything else!

choose the best Greek island for your vacation

Considerations to Make Before You Travel to the Greek Islands on Vacation

But, consider whether you are the type that likes to just soak up the sun and take a swim on occasion, or enjoy exciting nightlife, water sports,. Perhaps you’re a foodie, a young couple in love, or a nature lover that lives for extraordinary scenery. There are different Greek islands that offer more of those things than others. Becoming familiar with each will ensure you have the time of your life and create lasting memories.

Ask yourself what you really want from your Greek Island vacation:

  • Do you like crowds and long lines?
  • Do you enjoy peace and quiet?
  • Are you interested in nightlife that goes on until morning?
  • Is your dream vacation all about soaking up the sun on a gorgeous beach?
  • Are you looking for a romantic destination with beautiful scenery, quiet dinners, and sightseeing?

The more you know about what you want to do, the better your chosen destination will be. And in doing so, you can leave feeling fully refreshed and revived.