Mykonos is the Best Nightlife Greek Island

If you’re looking for the best nightlife Greek Island, look no further than Mykonos in the summer months of July and August, when the Greek elites jet set to the island for some R&R. Any other time of the year, Mykonos is much like other islands of Greece, but everything changes come summer.

Mykonos Town is the place where the party goes on and on. The streets are lined with people looking for action. They want to dance and drink and party, and they do so until the sun comes up. Be prepared and be patient because Mykonos, renowned for its pretty narrow alleys, are often so jam packed that you can only move along with the crowd.

best nightlife Greek Island

You can start the party as the sun sets, at Super Paradise Beach, but be prepared to see many things you will not be able to “unsee,” as this is a beach where anything goes. Little Venice offers great views if you get a table on the upper level.

Mykonos also draws a gay crowd, so if you have homophobic issues, this is not the island destination for you!


This Cyclades Island also has more to offer, other than being voted the best Greek island for nightlife. It has gorgeous narrow cobblestone alleys lined with white buildings and pretty accents on their doors and windows. There are great sights and many things to do in Mykonos too!

best nightlife Greek Island

There are also numerous beaches, cafes, and lots of fine food to enjoy while on the party island of Mykonos!