Best Romantic Greek Island – Folegandros

While Santorini may be the island paradise for couples, it can be extremely crowded thanks to its beauty and popularity that surpasses all other Greek Islands. So, there is an alternative to the best romantic Greek IslandFolegandros. This is yet another Cyclades island that mimics the appearance and the beauty of Santorini, with cobblestone roads and whitewashed houses with blue doors that are perched upon cliffs.

best romantic Greek Island

The views from the mountains are exceptional and the beaches are quieter yet equally beautiful to those of Santorini’s. You might be asking yourself if it’s so beautiful, then why is it so quiet. The answer to that is that it has a sparser ferry service.

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Folegandros Island‘s main town is called Chora, and it is perched upon a cliff plateau that’s hundreds of feet high up, which gives visitors an excellent view of the island. While in Chora, make your way to the Venetian area of the town known as Kastro.

best romantic greek island
Folegandros – Kastro

Why is Folegandros the Best Romantic Greek Island

This well-preserved area allows you to enjoy the natural landscapes people adore on this island. The people of Folegandros Greece use donkeys as their means of transportation, so you can count on quiet holidays. The waters around this beautiful island are crystal clear and inviting.

Karavostasi Village is the main port of the island, providing tourists with charming cafes and fish taverns, and everything tourists may desire, including beautiful beaches. Folegandros can easily be the best romantic Greek Island. The small island’s other small village, Ano Meria, is also home to the Ecological and Folklore Museum. It connects to Chora and Karavostasis by a paved road. The main island port is in Karavostasis Village, which is also the village that will get you to one of the best beaches in FolegandrosKatergo Beach.

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