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Antiparos Island At a Glance – Secluded Paradise Holiday

Antiparos Island
Lying adjacent to Paros is Antiparos Island, which makes it a great day trip on a secret Greek Island hopping holiday. Aglow with natural beauty, this island is paradise in the Aegean Sea. Upon arriving at the picture-perfect harbor of Antiparos in Chora, visitors are immediately seduced by what is before them:...

Milos Island At a Glance – The Island of Romance

Milos Island
Aphrodite's island of exotic beauty! Beaches, one more beautiful next, memorable sunsets, and unique architecture built right into cliffs…all treasures found on Milos Island. It is where Venus De Milo was discovered, and it is an impressive, most exotic Cyclades island. Colorful volcanic rocks of varying shades of red and orange meet...

Things to Do in Zakynthos – A Comprehensive Guide

Nestled in some of the most beautiful waters of the Ionian Sea lies this stunning island so popular among tourists. There are so many things to do in Zakynthos, and we've put it all together in a comprehensive list. (Note: Zakynthos is also called Zante). When visiting any Greek island, it only makes...

Kontogoni Beach, Elafonissos

kontogoni beach elafonissos
Kontogoni Beach sits at the northwestern top of Elafonissos Island. The construction taking place on the island’s eastern coastal road has caused some changes to Kontogoni Beach. However, the road provides easier access to Kontogoni and other surrounding beaches which were once hard to reach. Kontogoni Beach is also easily accessible from Elafonissos Village,...

Plakes Beach Ios

plakes beack ios
Before you land on Ios, you will have surely heard of Plakes Beach, one of the island’s most popular beaches. This beach is known for its amazingly soft sand and calm sparkly water. The beach is remote and sits near Kalamos about 16 kilometers from Hora, northeast of Manganari. Plakes Beach offers scenery...

Vathirema Beach Ios

vathirema beach ios
One of the most private beaches on Ios is Vathirema. The gorgeous and secluded cave is frequented by naturists, mainly. The water at Vathirema is especially crystal clear and the golden sand makes for a beautiful contrast. Vathirema Beach is the perfect place for a day of swimming and tanning under the Greek sun.

Lemnos Island Greece At a Glance – Explore the Unknown

Stone villages with castles, and a 5,000-year-old city with loads of attractions and more! Welcome to Lemnos Island... Found between the islands of Thassos and Lesvos in the North Aegean Sea, Lemnos island Greece, or Limnos, is well-known for its combination of big, beautiful, sandy beaches dotted along its coastline and a landscape...

Kefalonia Island Greece – Paradise in the Ionian Sea

kefalonia island greece
Kefalonia Island Greece, or Cephalonia (Kεφαλονιά or Κεφαλλονιά in Greek) is the largest of the Ionian Islands cluster. A true gem of an island, Kefalonia Island is truly a paradise that has been unspoiled. It's known for its diverse landscapes, lush vegetation, incredibly beautiful beaches, and endless romantic sunsets.

Skopelos Island Greece At a Glance – A Journey in Nature

skopelos island greece
If you're looking for a zen-like vacation, head to Skopelos Island Greece (Σκόπελος in Greek). Journey to the Sporades Islands cluster, located between Alonissos and Skiathos, to this natural, serene paradise. See the stunning vista of layers of lush green shades of pine trees that envelope the picturesque Greek villages. They stretch right...