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Great Views of Santorini Island

Santorini Island (Σαντορίνη in Greek) offers visitors a glimpse of heaven, with its steep cliffs and picturesque architecture. The lovely colors of the white-washed churches and homes, along with their deep blue domed roofs, reflect the warm sun to create a canvas that could only have been painted by the Greek Gods themselves. The island of Santorini is rich with views...

Dining Out in Santorini Restaurants

You may think you've dined in fine places, but you haven't eaten out if you haven't eaten in Santorini! When dining out in Santorini restaurants with breathtaking views from every angle of the island, you're sure to titillate the taste buds and fill the soul with with some of the most exciting flavors and views in all the world. Dining Out in...

Santorini Island Guide to the Aegean Jewel

Santorini Interesting photos - Thera
Santorini Island, previously known as Thera, is an island in the southern Aegean Sea. It is nestled about 120 miles from the Peloponnese, or the mainland of Greece. It is actually a remnant of a volcanic eruption. In the Cyclades island group and with a population of under 20,000. It is also believed to be the source of the legend...

Why Santorini Island is Heaven on Earth

Santorini Island is Heaven on Earth
If you've visited Santorini Greece, then you understand why Santorini Island is heaven on Earth, and if you haven't been there, then you're missing out in what is probably the most beautiful place in the entire world. Breathtaking is a word commonly used to describe the most popular Greek Island simply because it is breathtaking from the sunsets to the cliffs,...

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