plakes beack ios

Plakes Beach Ios

Before you land on Ios, you will have surely heard of Plakes Beach, one of the island’s most popular beaches. This beach is known for its amazingly soft sand and calm sparkly...
valmas ios

Valmas Beach Ios

Close to both Hora and the port, Valmas Beach is not very popular amongst tourists. This is because of its rather rough landscape. Valmas Beach is one of the small coves of...
vathirema beach ios

Vathirema Beach Ios

One of the most private beaches on Ios is Vathirema. The gorgeous and secluded cave is frequented by naturists, mainly. The water at Vathirema is especially crystal clear and the golden sand...

Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands–31 are Greek Islands!!!

Recently, Trivago released their list of the 50 best Islands in Europe, 31 of which are Greek! Greece promises a memorable stay overlooking the most beautiful blue of the Mediterranean. And, it does this at...
things to do in Ios island

Things to Do in Ios Island | The Cyclades Islands

Nestled in the Cyclades Islands in the jewel-toned seas of Greece is the Island of Ios. Known for its impressive beaches and intense nightlife that drives youthful crowds, Ios, like most Greek Islands, is...
Ios Island Chora Hora

Ios Island – An In-Depth Look

Ios Island is Where Beauty Meets Culture Many believe Ios is the most beautiful of all the Cyclades Islands. Its name is derived from a flower, and it is linked to history through Homer, the...
neraki beach ios

Neraki Beach Ios

Don’t forget to visit Neraki Beach while visiting Ios. This small but charming beach sits on the northeastern part of the island above Agia Beach Theodoti. Neraki Beach is a sandy beach...

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