Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands–31 are Greek Islands!!!

Recently, Trivago released their list of the 50 best Islands in Europe, 31 of which are Greek! Greece promises a memorable stay overlooking the most beautiful blue of the Mediterranean. And, it does this at...
Milos Island Villages

Milos Island and its Glorious Modern Villages

Milos Island Modern Villages and Tourist Centers Milos Island modern villages, like Adamantas, make for great visits. This particular one is a modern community that sits on the island's bay. ItĀ also happens to be one...

Discover the Breathtaking Milos Island Beaches

Must-See Milos Island Beaches Being an island, Milos offers tourists a wide choice of beaches. Pick the one or ones that will fulfill your idea of a vacation in the Greek Islands. Busy and trendy,...
Milos Island Villages

Tour Milos Island

Places to Visit in Milos, Greece While there are traditional settlements throughout the island, that may deserve a visit, the principal settlements are typically built on small creeks and really should be explored. Some are...
Greek Island Secrets

Milos Island Greece Information

Milos Island Tourist Information Milos Island is one of the 24 Cycladic Islands of Greece. It is the fifth biggest of the Cyclades and so unique in its way. It has an irregular shape, resembling...

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