• Cyclades,  Paros

    Paros Voted Best Greek Island for Windsurfing

    Anyone who knows anything about Paros Greece knows that this is the place for water sports. This Cyclades Island is blessed with constant winds known as the Meltemi, that allow for two water sports that draw the more adventurous tourists every summer. Paros is the best Greek Island for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Read also: The Best Cyclades Islands of Greece The Paros breezes are ideal for the typical tourist who wants comfort during a heat wave. Paros and Naxos Islands are divided by a 5-mile channel that provides the perfect conditions for winds that blaze the beaches of Pounda, Chryssi Akti (Golden Beach) and Nea Chryssi Akti (New Golden Beach). Best…

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  • Plakoto Beach Ios
    Antiparos,  Cyclades

    4 Awesome Things to Do in Antiparos for an Unforgettable Vacation

    Virtually any vacation in the Greek Islands is destined to be an unforgettable experience, but the more prepared you are for your holidays in Greece, the better the memories will be. Certainly, spontaneity always add flavor, but knowing what’s out there means you have the opportunity to see or experience something spectacular. For instance, learning ahead of time of the things to do in Antiparos can help you plan the vacation you really want. 1. Visit the Cave The captivating Antiparos cave has been standing since ancient days, as exhibited by the interior carvings and archaeological discoveries from the Stone Age. The cave’s immense fame is matched by its spectacular…

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  • Antiparos,  Cyclades

    Discover the Hidden Treasures of Antiparos – Antiparos Caves

    Making Your Way Around the Island of Antiparos The time you spend moving around Antiparos, or Αντίπαρος in Greek, and the neighboring islets is sure to be filled with beautiful scenery in nature, whether you choose to use regular boats, wooden caiques, or sea kayaks. Your eyes will never be tired, as your surroundings change from serrated peninsulas and coves to sandy beaches and bays, all reachable by way of the sea. Discover the Beauty of Antiparos Caves You will find that there are moments when you don’t believe the magnificent things you are seeing. You will never forget Epitafios, with its wind-shaped rocks, caves and turquoise waters of the Aegean…

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  • Andros,  Cyclades

    Things to Do in Andros Greece You May Have Never Considered!

    As one of the Cyclades Islands, Andros, (Άνδρος in Greek) sits at the most northern point of this cluster of islands. Andros is far different in its landscape, in comparison to the others, except for its sandy beaches, and don’t believe there aren’t many things to do in Andros Greece. The island is home to many captains and shipowners and boasts unique architecture with majestic mansions, unlike the other beautiful, yet typical Cyclades Islands, like Santorini, Mykonos, or Sifnos, for example. Like Naxos, Andros is one of the least explored islands in the Cyclades. Visitors will bask in the lush landscapes, golden beaches, Venetian castles and so much more. The…

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  • Cyclades,  Folegandros

    Best Romantic Greek Island – Folegandros

    While Santorini may be the island paradise for couples, it can be extremely crowded thanks to its beauty and popularity that surpasses all other Greek Islands. So, there is an alternative to the best romantic Greek Island – Folegandros. This is yet another Cyclades island that mimics the appearance and the beauty of Santorini, with cobblestone roads and whitewashed houses with blue doors that are perched upon cliffs. The views from the mountains are exceptional and the beaches are quieter yet equally beautiful to those of Santorini’s. You might be asking yourself if it’s so beautiful, then why is it so quiet. The answer to that is that it has…

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  • Cyclades,  Santorini

    Greek Island with the Best Scenery – Santorini

    No matter who you may ask, the answer is usually the same – Santorini is the Greek Island with the best scenery. Where else can you see unique architecture, with gleaming, whitewashed homes with vibrantly colored doors and windows built right into cliffs – all kissed by the sun and all providing the most incredible views that literally feed soul? And all this comes from a volcano eruption that occurred 3600 years ago that created one of the most beautiful places on earth – Santorini. The caldera (the cauldron-like depression formed after the volcanic eruption) left behind are now filled with turquoise waters that welcome cruise ships. Why is Santorini…

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  • Cyclades

    Mykonos is the Best Nightlife Greek Island

    If you’re looking for the best nightlife Greek Island, look no further than Mykonos in the summer months of July and August, when the Greek elites jet set to the island for some R&R. Any other time of the year, Mykonos is much like other islands of Greece, but everything changes come summer. Mykonos Town is the place where the party goes on and on. The streets are lined with people looking for action. They want to dance and drink and party, and they do so until the sun comes up. Be prepared and be patient because Mykonos, renowned for its pretty narrow alleys, are often so jam packed that…

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  • Cyclades,  Naxos

    Naxos – Greek Island with the Best Traditional Villages

    The Cyclades are probably the most popular Greek Islands, thanks to the fame surrounding Mykonos and Santorini, but there’s another island in this group that is finally, and deservedly so, gaining attention. Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and has lots to offer tourists, from ancient ruins to sandy beaches to amazing food and local produce. More than that, Naxos is the Greek Island with the best traditional villages – 46 of them to be exact! Each of them has a special something that provides a glimpse of the way things used to be. Read also: Naxos Hotels Of course, each village in Greece, to some extent, mimics every…

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  • greek island hopping
    Cyclades,  Greek Island Secrets,  Saronic

    Greek Island Hopping – Guide and Tips

    It is strongly suggested to use reputable Greek travel agencies to book hotels, especially if you’re going to be Greek island hopping. Booking online through hotels can get you some special rates with accommodations, but the individual hotels do not provide any help with ferryboats. So, if you have a problem getting to the particular island where you have booked a hotel room, you will still be required to pay for those accommodations. However, booking through an agency provides security, as it is the agency’s responsibility to get you to that island. These Greek Island hopping tips can help you travel in a more budget friendly and secure way. The…

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