• things to do in Ios island
    Ios,  Ios Island

    Things to Do in Ios Island | The Cyclades Islands

    Nestled in the Cyclades Islands in the jewel-toned seas of Greece is the Island of Ios. Known for its impressive beaches and intense nightlife that drives youthful crowds, Ios, like most Greek Islands, is beautiful, romantic, and boasts a rich history. There are lots of things to do in Ios Island, depending on what you desire. Chora, the picturesque village of Ios Island is where the young crowds are drawn. The beach parties in Mylopotas start while the sun is hot and go through the night into the wee hours. Chora’s narrow paved streets bring out the charm of the village and fill the air with romance. From its peak,…

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    Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands–31 are Greek Islands!!!

    Recently, Trivago released their list of the 50 best Islands in Europe, 31 of which are Greek! Greece promises a memorable stay overlooking the most beautiful blue of the Mediterranean. And, it does this at some of the most competitive prices around. It’s probably why hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the Greek Islands. The Greek islands are must-visit destinations for so many reasons. First, they allow tourists to escape to the most ideal places on earth. No two islands are alike, as each one has its own magic to show off. The Greeks are also a hospitable people with a rich culture and incredible…

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  • Amorgos,  Cyclades

    Amorgos –The Big Blue Island of the Cyclades Ready to be Explored

    Legend has it that Amorgos Island is named after the rare therapeutic herb which grows on the slopes  of the island’s mountains. The island was renamed “The Big Blue,” in 1998, when Luc Besson’s film gave movie fans breathtaking shots of Amorgos Island through the eyes and the life of the divers. Even today every afternoon a café in Aegiali continuously screens the film … and it’s always full! The result of this is that the French love the island and it is visited by thousands every year, even from May. It is no coincidence that many French live in Amorgos and have bought their own homes there. History of Amorgos Amorgos…

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  • Syros Island Beaches
    Cyclades,  Syros

    Syros Island Beaches

    Discover the Beaches of Syros Syros is the ideal destination for couples and families, away from the hustle and bustle of the more popular Cyclades Islands. Syros beaches offer relaxation amid natural beauty, as well as conveniences that make vacationing pleasurable. Enjoy nearby accommodations and all the amenities necessary for a relaxing stay. Being a major ferry port in the Aegean Sea, exploring Syros can be a worthwhile stop in a cluster of island visits during a Greek Island hopping adventure. With the natural beauty of the beaches and elegance of the Venetian style architecture, many couples also choose Syros as their Greek wedding destination of choice. Syros Island Beaches Tourists find…

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  • Syros Island Tourist Attractions
    Cyclades,  Syros

    Syros Island Tourist Attractions

    Syros Island is another gorgeous Cyclades Island situated in the Aegean Sea. It is not, however, a typical Cyclades Island with respects to its architecture when compared to others. Instead, Syros has other influences, although there also some similarities, like modest white houses. This is one aspect that makes this island unique. Other Syros Island tourist attractions will serve to create wonderful memories for all who visit.   Syros Island Siteseeing Ermoupoli Ermoupoli or Hermopolis is known as the City of Hermes and is the capital city of this island. The town square, Miaoulis Square is home to numerous cafes and palm trees frequented by locals and tourists alike. Vaporia quarter…

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  • Sifnos Island Attractions
    Cyclades,  Sifnos

    Sifnos Island Attractions – Things to Do in Sifnos

    Sifnos Island is located in the Greek Cyclades Islands, in the Aegean Sea. It’s renowned for its serene atmosphere yet lively nightlife. Although a more tranquil island when compared to Santorini and Mykonos, Sifnos’ tourism has grown over the last several years, making it a favorite destination when Greek Island hopping. Some would say it’s a place to recharge one’s batteries, largely because of its beautiful and relaxing beaches, but there are also lots of Sifnos Island attractions and things to do. Sifnos Island Attractions For one thing, it is highly recommended to stroll through the many villages of the island, as they are a pleasure to take in and photograph. This…

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  • Mykonos Island Architecture

    Mykonos Island Architecture

    Mykonos Island Architecture is not necessarily unique and is in fact similar to and in keeping with the other Cycladic Islands.  This is considered Cycladic architecture – most homes are cubic, white-washed and often accented with blue doors and window frames. The town roads are actually very narrow streets and pathways laid with stone. Mykonos Island Architecture These roads or pathways are typically packed with tourists during the summer months. To learn more interesting facts about the island and what’s good to know before heading to Mykonos, click here: Good to know. Mykonos is absolutely gorgeous and a trip to this island will certainly not disappoint. It’s a haven for photographers…

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    Santorini Island Voted Best Island in Europe – See Why

    And the winner of  the Best Island in Europe goes to Santorini Island!!! Santorini Island voted best island in Europe in 2015 for many reasons. The Travelers’ Choice Island Award goes to the incredibly beautiful island of Santorini, which, whether you’ve been there or not, is likely a place you recognize. Why is Santorini Island Voted Best Island in Europe When people think of the Cyclades Islands, Santorini always comes to mind, with its white and blue-capped churches, and colorful homes and resorts that are carved directly into its steep cliffs. Or, its breathtaking views and sunsets that literally give reason to living.  Let’s not forget its gorgeous blue waters that meet the black sand…

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  • Sifnos Island Beaches Platis Gialos Beach
    Cyclades,  Sifnos

    Sifnos Island Beaches – A Guide to the Best Beaches of Sifnos

    One thing that strikes every tourist when they arrive on Sifnos Island is its incredible beaches. In fact, Sifnos Island beaches are synonymous with unspoiled beauty and great family atmosphere. The crystal clear waters play off the beautiful landscape, making it an excellent getaway for those island hopping who may need a bit of a break to recharge. This is a guide to the best beaches of Sifnos, whether tourists are looking for the popular beaches or those secluded for privacy and ultimate relaxation. Sifnos Island Beaches Platis Gialos Beach Platis Gialos, located on the southern part of the island, is an organized beach, and is the most renowned of the…

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