Corfu Island Greece at a Glance – A Marvel in the Ionian

The French, Greeks, English, and Venetians have all left their mark on the beautiful Corfu Island Greece(Κέρκυρα in Greek and its rich and fascinating history can be enjoyed at every turn in the form of elegant mansions, stories and legends and mythical images…

Visitors have described this Ionian Island as seductive, and once you experience Corfu’s music, its diverse culture, the many sights, and historic attractions, including the hidden alleys of Campiello, you will surely agree.

Things to Do in Corfu Island

Some of the must see buildings in the historic center of Corfu include the Kapodistria Mansion, the Catholic Cathedral, the Liston Arcade, St. Michael’s Palace, and the Maitland Rotunda.

It’s easy to see why the town was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Whether you stay in one of the luxurious and ornate hotels, or spend time exploring Campiello’s hidden alleyways, Corfu will work its magic on you.

city of corfu island greece

Corfu got its name from the two low peaks that overlook a rocky shore on the east of the island; the name “Koryfo” means “peak,” and later became Corfu.

A must see sight on Corfu Island is the open air museum at the 13th-century-old fort. It is accessed across the sea water moat by a bridge.

The Venetians designed and built the 16th-century New Fort, or Neo Frourio. It overlooks the northern part of the capital and is rightly considered a military masterpiece.

Cannon and Mouse Islands

Mouse Island, otherwise known as Pontikonisi, is small in size but worth exploring. It is home to the beautiful Pantokrator monastery.

Also worth a visit is the 17th-century monastery that honors the Virgin Mary on the neighbouring Vlacherna Island. This tiny island can be reached by way of a causeway from the mainland.

Paleokastritsa and Angelokastro

Half a dozen lush, yet rocky coves comprise the island’s most famous tourist resort, home to the historic 12th-century Agia Kyriaki, located in a small cave, as well as the 13th-century Monastery at Panagias.

Achillion Palace

Corfu has long been regarded as one of the most glamorous and upscale islands in the Mediterranean. This is partly due to its imperial legacy.

One of the best places on the island to fully appreciate its imperial characteristics is at the palace. It was home to Elizabeth, the Empress of what was then Austria-Hungary. Highlights of the palace include the well-known statue of Achilles, the neoclassical and elegant living quarters, and the beautifully stylish Pompeian façade.

Mon Repos

It’s worth visiting this historic summer residence not only for its beautiful botanical gardens but also for the Palaiopolis Museum. These are both located on the palace grounds. The home, a gift from Frederick Adam to his wife, sits on the site once known as Corcyra. Adam was the High Commissioner of Corfu from 1824 to 1832.

Corfu Island Beaches

corfu island beach

Whether you’re looking for a lively stretch of sand with easy access to bars, cafes and shops, or you prefer a quiet and picturesque cove, you can find it on Corfu.

Some Corfu Island beaches are within easy reach of the island’s luxury and high rise hotels, too. For some top beach suggestions, check out Kavos, Dasia, Glyfada, Halikounas, or Ermones.

Also worth a visit are the sandstone formations on the sandy shores of Sidari Beach. The smooth passage that the water has worn away through the rocks to create the exhilirating Canal d’Amour. Locals say you will find your soulmate if you swim here.

Corfu Footpaths

Seeing the island of Corfu on bike or on foot is an excellent way to experience some of the island’s flora and fauna. Recommended routes are around the saltwater lake at Antinioti, and also the area around Pantokratoras, on the south side of Corfu.