Greek Island Hopping – Guide and Tips

It is strongly suggested to use reputable Greek travel agencies to book hotels, especially if you’re going to be Greek island hopping. Booking online through hotels can get you some special rates with accommodations, but the individual hotels do not provide any help with ferryboats. So, if you have a problem getting to the particular island where you have booked a hotel room, you will still be required to pay for those accommodations. However, booking through an agency provides security, as it is the agency’s responsibility to get you to that island. These Greek Island hopping tips can help you travel in a more budget friendly and secure way.

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The Best Greek Island Hopping Tips

In short, travelling becomes less stressful and a lot easier. There won’t be any need to waste time looking for flights or available ferries. The greatest problem tourists experience with Greece island hopping is connecting between the different islands with the proper transportation services. Reliable Greek travel agencies are there to help and book budget friendly travel arrangements and accommodations no matter what time of year you are visiting Greece.

 Greek Island Ferryboats

Most would agree that the ferryboat is the best way to travel when Greek Island hopping. It is inexpensive, provides a relaxing cruise that fills the soul with beautiful scenery and offers various services, like snack bars or restaurants. Depending on where you are going, a ferry boat ride can be several hours long, so you can book a cabin, sleep, and wake up to a breathtaking view of the new island. This is the ideal way to travel to islands such as Kos, Lesvos, Rhodes, or Crete.

It’s all about comfort on the newer ferryboats, which are similar to modern airplanes, where you are seated in comfort with movies playing on television and other amenities are provided.

A Word of Advice

Travel in Greece is always busy in July and August. However, it is also busy, and requires you to purchase tickets in advance, if travelling just before Easter, or around 15 August. Waiting for the last minute may result in you not getting tickets, so definitely book in advance.

Find more information about ferry schedules at the Dolphin Hellas Ferry Booking Page.

Greek Island Hopping Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

Most of the Greek ferries leave between seven and nine in the morning. However, some islands that are close to Athens, like Aegina, which a ferry boat ride is only about an hour or so, there are ferries leaving about every hour, which means you don’t necessarily have to buy tickets in advance.

That said, if you have to leave on an early ferryboat, ask the concierge to call a taxi at least one hour and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Most taxi drivers know exactly where to go if they are provided with the name of the boat, or even the island you’re going to visit. The cost of the taxi from Athens to Pireaus (the port) should be approximately €10. It’s good to know the cost of a taxi, so you are not being taken for a ride, pun intended.

Take the bus or the metro (subway) to Pireaus from Athens. It’s easier when travelling to an island only for a day, as you will not need to carry any luggage. That’s the best way to travel, but it’s not always possible. However, when travelling among large crowds, be careful with pickpockets, who seemed to be everywhere these days.

Take the Flying Dolphins

Comfort and relaxation are sometimes sacrificed for speed. In this case, it’s either flying or taking a hydrofoil, which is a high-speed ferry and Catamaran. However, the flying dolphins cost twice as much as the cheapest ferry ticket. But, you get there in half the time. On the downside, if the weather is bad, you’ll get twice as seasick. Also, riding hydrofoils isn’t recommended in bad weather because it can be quite scary. On that note, the flying dolphin is safe, as none have sunk or capsized. Flying dolphins basically sail in the Saronic Gulf, which is in, waters than others.

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Greek Island Hopping Packages

Arriving at some of the most popular Greek Cyclades islands, like Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, or Paros, expect people awaiting at the docks. Tourists with booked accommodations can expect their ride is waiting for them with a sign held up. Look around and you’ll probably find them. For others that don’t have booked accommodations in advance, there will be hotel representatives holding up pictures of their accommodations.

We hope these Greek Island hopping tips provided you with pertinent information to make your Greece travels more relaxing and stress-free.

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