Greek Island with the Best Scenery – Santorini

No matter who you may ask, the answer is usually the same – Santorini is the Greek Island with the best scenery. Where else can you see unique architecture, with gleaming, whitewashed homes with vibrantly colored doors and windows built right into cliffs – all kissed by the sun and all providing the most incredible views that literally feed soul?

And all this comes from a volcano eruption that occurred 3600 years ago that created one of the most beautiful places on earth – Santorini. The caldera (the cauldron-like depression formed after the volcanic eruption) left behind are now filled with turquoise waters that welcome cruise ships.

Why is Santorini the Greek Island with the Best Scenery?

The typical whitewashed homes with blue (and sometimes other bold colors) domes, windows, and doors are world renowned and though other Cycladic Island architecture is similar, it is almost always synonymous with Santorini Greece.

Santorini Island is also famous for its romantic and awe-inspiring sunsets. Santorini is the best Greek Island for sunsets, but you have to go to the right place for that – Oia.

Greek Island with the best Scenery

The sun is swallowed by the Aegean sea every night at Oia, the northern Santorini town, where tourists flock to experience this impressive sight at least once in their lives.

Let’s not forget the absolutely stunning beaches of Santorini, such as the Red Beach. All this and more is evidence that Santorini really is the Greek Island with the best scenery.