6 Spectacular Greek Islands for Dreamy Vacations!

When you imagine the ideal summer holiday, Greece always comes to mind! White and blue houses, amazing landscapes, sandy beaches, and fascinating sunsets! With more than 5000 islands, it’s a difficult decision to choose which island you to visit for your next summer holiday. We’re here to propose to you our favorite islands to make your decision easier. So, these are the 6 spectacular Greek Islands for dreamy vacations for any type of tourist:

Santorini Island

Are you a romantic soul also searching for a bit of nightlife? Then, Santorini is for you! Santorini is so famous that its picturesque landscape is the most synonymous with Greece.

santorini greece

Let yourself be soothed by the unique caldera in Fira with the most famous sunset in the world, and explore the exquisite beaches with their rare black sands, created by the volcano.

The best Santorini Beaches: Red Beach with its unique lava-colored sand, White Beach, Perissa, and Kamari.

How to get there: As Santorini has an airport, you can fly directly there, or you can take the ferry from Athens.

Paxi Island

The island of Paxi is one in the Ionian islands cluster, located near Corfu. Paxi Island is not as popular as the other nearby islands, and that’s why it’s the ideal destination for couples or someone looking for a calm and relaxing vacation, far from the crowds.

The tiny island can be explored entirely in a few days – it’s that small! There are many remarkable beaches and restaurants near the main port of Gaios. Go for a relaxing walk in the evening – the best time to enjoy the atmosphere of Paxi and taste fresh fish and Greek spirits, like ouzo or tsipouro, in a traditional tavern next to the sea.

The best Paxi Beaches: Kloni Gouli, Gianna, Soulanena, Kipiadi and Sterna Bay. Try to discover other secret beaches of Paxi as you set out to explore the small Ionian jewel of an island.

How to get there: You can catch a ferry or speedboat from Igoumenitsa or Corfu.

Mykonos Island

If ideal holidays for you mean crazy parties until dawn, then book your ticket for the exciting island of Mykonos Greece quickly!

Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, and the vibes of laid-back vacation fascinate every visitor of the island. Despite the massive crowds that visit Mykonos every summer, the island still retains its beauty, the traditional architecture of Cyclades, and of course, the breathtaking views of Aegean sea.

Greek Islands

The best Mykonos beaches: Paradise Beach, Panormos, Elia and Kalafati

How to get there: You can take a flight to Mykonos or a ferry from Athens.

Icaria Island, also Ikaria

Icaria took its name from Icarus whose his wings melted in his try to escape from Crete and fell into the Aegean sea near the island.

Ikaria Island is considered as a paradise for those who are seeking nature and breathtaking landscapes. You can spend hours lying on the amazing beaches of Icaria – take a bath in the thermal waters and admire the traditional architecture that takes you back to ancient times. While you are in Icaria, follow the relaxing life of the locals who are famous for their longevity.

The best Ikaria beaches: Agios Giorgis, Iero, Therma (thermal hot mineral springs), Kilosirtis and Prioni.

How to get there: You can take a ferry from Athens.

Skyros Island

Welcome to Skyros, the largest and the most harmonious island of Sporades. If you want a crazy nightlife, Skyros is not for you! But if you want to discover hidden impressive places and beaches with a bike or a scooter, take a boat to Skyros soon!

Skyros offers you a contrast of nature that it will fascinate you! Its southern part is arid and barren. But, the northern part of Skyros is full of green and is home to Mount Olympus.

The best Skyros beaches: Atitsa, Gyrismata, Ahrounes, and Palamari.

How to get there: Take a flight from Athens to Skyros National Airport or a boat from Kymi port.

Milos Island

You must have probably heard of Milos before because of the famous statue the “Venus de Milo” was discovered there.

Milos Beaches

This small island of Cyclades can be described as a paradise on earth, and it’s famous for its lunar landscape with white sand and rocks. Milos Island is the perfect destination for someone who loves beaches. In Milos, you can find 70 different beaches, and many of them are hidden. All of them are worth visiting and can offer you an unforgettable experience.

The best Milos beaches: Sarakiniko, Parafragas, Papikinou, and Pollonia.

How to get there: You can take a direct flight from Athens. Otherwise, you can take a ferry from Athens, but the trip lasts 9 hours.