Kefalonia Island Greece – Paradise in the Ionian Sea

Kefalonia Island Greece, or Cephalonia (Kεφαλονιά or Κεφαλλονιά in Greek) is the largest of the Ionian Islands cluster.

A true gem of an island, Kefalonia Island is truly a paradise that has been unspoiled. It’s known for its diverse landscapes, lush vegetation, incredibly beautiful beaches, and endless romantic sunsets.

Fun Fact: For another thing, the Hollywood blockbuster movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” filmed on the island in 2001, starring Nicolas Cage.

Encompassed by emerald-green waters ideal for both swimming and sailing, soothe the soul at a mere glance on this stunning Greek Island.

Consider making this a part of a Greek Island hopping trip, including Zakynthos, Corfu, Lefkada, and Meganissi.

Things to Do in Kefalonia Island

There are lots of things to do in Kefalonia Island Greece, starting with the capital, Argostoli. Definitely a place to visit as it is close to picturesque villages of of this magical island. Renowned for its natural beauty and architecture, its fabulous beaches deserve a dip or two as well.

kefalonia island greece

Argostoli Town also has lots of impressive sights. Be sure to visit the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, home to an impressive collection of Mycenaean artifacts.

Kefalonia Island Beaches

Myrtos Beach

Kefalonia Island has many beautiful beaches, including Antisamos, Lourdas and Skala. But, its most famous, Myrtos Beach, lies 30 km to the north of the capital city. In fact, it’s not only the island’s most beautiful beach, it is also considered to be one of best beaches in Greece.

Shaped like a horseshoe, with stunning cliffs covered in rich vegatation, they overlook the beach and its turquoise waters and white sandy shores.

Ainos Forest

Admire Kefalonia Island’s mountainous, rugged terrain with steep cliffs and lush forests.

The stunning Ainos Forest, a designated National Park, is on the tallest mountain of the island. It awaits you to explore it in its entirety on an adventurous hike.

kefalonia island greece

Melissani Lake

Located just outside of Sami, put Melissani Lake on your bucket list. As one of the most beautiful places to visit, everyone should have a chance to see it.

There’s a double chambered cave with land that separates it in right in the center. One of the chambers roofs caved in years ago, and so now allows natural sunlight to filter through it at noon. Magically, the entire cave flows with light.

Map of Kefalonia Island Greece