Koufonisia Island at a Glance – Cyclades Secret Treasure

Koufonisia…a couple of wonderful tiny islands – Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi. Untouched Cyclades Islands scenery, gorgeous beaches, good food…simply heaven.

Koufonisia (Κουφονήσια in Greek) consists of not one but two different islands: Kato Lower Koufonisi that has lovely beaches and just a single tavern, and Upper or Pano Koufonisi that has taverns, hotels, and attracts tourists.

No, you’re not in paradise – you’re in the best-kept secret of the Cyclades!

You are in (Upper) Ano or Pano Koufonisi, an ideal destination for a summer vacation in the Cyclades Islands. Divinely clear waters, sandy beaches that glisten like tinsel, and caves for ruthless pirates of centuries ago, but also perfect for today’s modern explorers.

Sample the tastes and listen to music written by moonlight. Some areas of these islands have nonstop fun against the beautiful backdrop of the Aegean. There are also other, off-the-beaten-track areas are great for relaxing in peace and tranquility.

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Things to do Koufonisia

Start by enjoying yourself by doing less.

Sometimes, a simple approach is the best. Pano Koufonissi might not be as luxurious as an island like Santorini, however it offers all the required comforts and, most notably, has untouched natural landscape.

Koufonisia Beaches – Dreams of Emeralds

The sea surrounding Koufonisia is impossible to resist with sunbaked coastlines, in contrast to calm waters and inviting shores. The desire to jump into the waters will overwhelm you! Fanos, Finikas, Pori, Italida …there’s even a beach aptly named “The Pool.”

Boat Explorations

It is not only the concealed beaches waiting to be discovered, but a range of colorful imagery, neverending hues of green, turquoise, and blue for an enchanting swim that you will never forget!

Koufonisi Villages

Hora Town

This is the only settlement on these tiny islands, so you are sure to see Hora – the embodiment of Cycladic culture – which invites you to explore its dainty streets. Whitewashed walls, geranium pots, and lazy afternoons where local people talk to each other outside their houses.

During the evening, the town livens up: locals and tourists party, and the atmosphere is fun and vibrant.

Koufonisia Attractions

The archaeological site in Keros is an ideal spot for historian-type travelers. Findings from excavations, as well as eminent statuettes are on display in the Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Other attractions to take in while in Koufonisi include the windmills, Agios Georgios Church, as well as the churches of Profitis Ilias and Agios Nikolaos. Moreover, there is the carnagio, and the piscatorial shelter.

While on this magical island, look for exceptional full moon nights and incredible sunrises.

Glaronissi is another tiny islet nestled between Koufonisia, just about half a kilometer away from Kato Koufonisi. Its name comes from the Greek meaning seagulls, as these birds flock here.

Pretty beaches and even more sea caves are all around, perfect for the visitors who seek privacy and seclusion. Consider an excursion boat to really enjoy this spectacular spot.

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The Small Cyclades Sea Caves

Firstly, according to folklore, pirates sheltered in these caves on the Pano Koufonisi northern side. The sea waves carved out the natural areas to shelter, and the small beaches are ideal fishing spots.

Keros of Avliti and Arpisti

In the evenings, the tiny Keros Island is visible from Pano Koufonisi. Amazingly, it seems like it is in the shape of a woman. The archaeological importance of Keros is also evident most mornings.

The Exotic Kato Koufonisi (Lower)

This area is deserted. There’s a well-known tavern here, along with ten or so buildings.

The Beaches of Kato Koufonisi

Fikio, Nero, and Pezoulia are the three beaches of this enchanting little island.

Koufonisia Island

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Map of Koufonisi

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