Lefkada Island Beaches

Lefkada, which also has numerous other spelling variations, including Leukada (and others), is situated in the Ionian Sea, or on the west coast of Greece. What’s interesting about this island is that it can be accessed by car, thanks to the causeway that connects it to the mainland. It’s only about 9 miles from east to west and 22 miles from north to south, with its highest peak being Stavrota mountain. Lefkada Island attractions continue to draw huge crowds year after year, yet still is not as popular or as expensive as other, more well-known Greek Islands.

Ideally situated between the popular islands of Kefalonia and Corfu, Lefkada offers a Mediterranean climate, with virtually no rain in the summer months, is also extremely comfortable due to the cool breezes that sweep the island. Most of the island is mountainous, with peaks reaching over 1000 meters, with steep cliffs on the western side of the island, which also lead to beautiful sandy beaches. Lefkada is also a very fertile island, rich dense pine trees, cypresses, herbs and flowers.

The northern part of the island boasts two salt lakes, crucial for different bird species. Numerous springs can be found throughout the island, and of course, the impressive beaches that surround the island are all worth exploring. You’ll find capes, coves, and peninsulas, as well as fjords.

Lefkada Island Attractions

Lefkada Island Attractions
Agios Nikitas Town and Beach

Agios Nikitas beach is a family-friendly beach which is easy to access even with children. Some beaches of Lefkada can be more challenging for families with young children as they require a trek up and down a hundred steps, or a difficult hike on rough terrain.


Lefkada Island Attractions
Agios Nikitas – View from Restaurant


Lefkada Island Attractions
Agios Nikitas Town


Nidri or Nydri is the largest resort on Lefkada, with views of the Skorpios Island, previously owned by the wealthy Aristotle Onassis. From Nidri, you can also see Meganissi and the mainland, in addition to other impressive but less popular islands in the Ionian. One of the most famous sites in Lefkada are the Nidri waterfalls, which are accessed only on foot, on a somewhat rugged terrain, but well worth a visit.

Lefkada Island Attractions

Nidri Waterfalls (Nydri Waterfalls)


Map of Lefkada


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