Lesbos Greece – Pure, Stunning, and Sunny!

The third largest Greek Island, Lesbos and also spelled Lesvos (Λέσβος in Greek), is also commonly referred to as Mytilene – the name of its capital. Lesbos Greece is located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, with a population of about 120,000.

Lesbos Greece

Town of Mytilene ( Mytilini)

Lesbos at a Glance

Visiting Lesbos is stepping into a world filled with rich history and culture. Many writers, poets, artists, and musicians were born on this island and undoubtedly inspired by its pure, natural beauty.

You will take in your share of natural landscapes including theatrical sandy or rocky coastlines, jagged mountains, quaint villages, and the Petrified Forest on the island’s west side. Pin the images to your memory and take pictures too – you’re almost guaranteed sunshine, as Lesbos is one of the sunniest islands in the Aegean Sea!Lesbos Greece

The thick and plentiful vegetation of Lesbos, allows the island’s economy to depend on agriculture. Some of the best Greek olive oil, wine, and ouzo are produced on Lesbos. Plan your trip whenever it’s convenient for you since the climate in Lesbos is lovely year-round.

As you make your way to different coffee shops, or ‘kafeneia,’ eat fresh sardine or octopus ‘meze,’ and drink ouzo, you will experience the warmth of the locals. Choose to visit Lesbos, and you are sure to have a memorable holiday.

Map of Lesbos Greece