Lesbos Island Greece At a Glance – Ouzo, Poets & More

Lesbos Island, also spelled Lesvos (Λέσβος in Greek) and often referred to as Mytilene (also Mytilini) in recent years, is a beautiful island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea poised the West and Anatolia.

The island of Lesbos is home to 120,000 residents year-round and is the 3rd largest island in all of Greece.

Famous for: Ouzo! Also, the island is the birthplace of many well-known intellectuals and artists who’s inspirations were undoubtedly the unspoiled natural beauty that surrounded them. The poets, Alcaeus and Sappho, and Myrivilis the novelist were all born on Lesbos.

lesbos island

It is an island filled with architectural marvels, medieval fortress towns, and olive trees that carpet the land.

The dramatic rocky, but sometimes sandy coastlines, in contrast to the picturesque villages and the Petrified Forest, is a sight not to be missed.

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Primarily, the economy of Lesbos relies on agriculture, thanks to the lush vegetation of the island. Olive oil, wine and ouzo – all proudly produced here. In fact, ouzo distilleries encourage visitors to experience the ouzo manufacturing process.

Lesbos Island Attractions

There are lots of bustling traditional villages on Lesbos to visit – so, don’t forget your cameras!

Also, the lovely beaches stretch almost entirely around the island! And, the Mediterranean climate means year-round comfortable temperatures.

Lesbos Island

Visit the island capital, Mytilene (also Mytilini) It thrills anyone who appreciates beautiful architecture. Old buildings line the waterfront, and in the backdrop, up on a hill, is the Franko-Byzantine Castle.

lesbos island

The culture in Mytilini is rich, offering numerous opportunities to experience it according to taste.

Explore the neoclassical buildings, the Ottoman baths, the ancient theater, the Archaeological Museum with its rare exhibits, the folklore exhibitions, galleries, libraries, and so much more!


One of the most beautiful fortress towns of Europe, Molyvos, is on Lesbos. The homes in Molyvos, rooted into the slopes of a steep hill and the town remaining unchanged for centuries.

The 13th-century Genoese castle and the structure of the town allow visitors to step back in time. Stroll through the alleyways and observe the impressive Anatolian-style mansions, the beautiful stone houses, the vivid colors of doors and windows, and the Turkish fountains that appear all over.

The Kalloni Wetlands

The bird watchers paradise at Kalloni wetlands is a refuge to over 250 bird species, and the Thermal Springs of Eftalous is a therapeutic wonder with its temperature ranging in the mid 40s degrees Celsius!

Take a break while enjoying delicious, mouthwatering delicacies of “meze” of fresh fish and seafood at “kafeneia” (traditional Greek coffeehouses).

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Enjoy an unforgettable vacation in one of the North Aegean islands -Lesbos promises tradition, culture, history, great local cuisine, and friendly, accommodating people everywhere you go.

Map of Lesbos Island Greece

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