Meganisi Island at a Glance

Meganisi Island with its distinctive shape, is located just opposite the southeastern coastline of the neighboring island of Lefkada. It is among one of the best anchorages for tourists vacationing on private yachts or cruise ships in the fabulous Ionian Sea.

Meganissi-Island At A Glance

According to mythology, Taffy, or Tilevoai, lived on Meganisi Island, which was a sailor and pirate nation. According to Homer, Mentis reigned over the island.

Meganisi Island at a Glance

The northern part of this Ionian Island has a deep marine partition endowed with a wonderfully indented coastline and unfathomably beautiful beaches while the southern part of Meganisi is a long strip of land.

The settlements are all located in the northern part of the island, complete with a breathtaking landscape. Near Katomeri Village adorned with traditional colors, is the picturesque Bay of Atherinos, where visitors dock their boats. From there, the Elia and Limonari coves and their small beaches may be accessed. (See map below).

Meganisi Island is connected to Lefkada by car ferry service.

Meganissi-Island At A Glance

The Villages of Meganisi

The port of Katomeri, in Vathi, is a picturesque seaside village that attracts many tourists and lies in the homonym Bay. In the harbor, just like with the nearby Bay of Abelakia are scores of moored sailboats.

Spartochori, a charming town with traditional homes and narrow paths, is built on a hill overlooking the water and the impressive natural beauty of the region’s landscape. Its port is at the Spilia Bay Harbor in the cove, which is yet another place to dock excursion boats.

Meganissi Island

Tourists visiting Meganisi also have the chance to experience the caves of Giovani and Papanikolis, a sanctuary of the legendary submarine of World War II, according to the testimony of the local people.

The Beaches of Meganisi

For swimming, we recommend the Limonari beaches Elia, Atherinos Abelakia Kechrinia, Spilia, and Saint John. By chartered boat, enjoy swimming at Beretta, on the southernmost tip of the Meganisi.

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