Discover the Breathtaking Milos Island Beaches

Must-See Milos Island Beaches

Being an island, Milos offers tourists a wide choice of beaches. Pick the one or ones that will fulfill your idea of a vacation in the Greek Islands. Busy and trendy, or quiet and peaceful? Pristine, crystal clear waters along rugged terrains will certainly impress any tourist. There are over 75 beaches on the island of Milos, just waiting to be explored. Being a volcanically developed island, Milos beaches are naturally colorful depending on their location, some are deep and others shallow while some are organized and others are wild and isolated. Some beaches are covered with white, yellow, and red pebbles, others with black rocks, and every beach has its personal beauty. Beaches located on the northern and southern parts of the island are easily accessed, but those on the eastern and western sides present some challenges. In fact, some routes don’t even offer paved roads. Also, there are some incredible beaches that can only be accessed by boat–trips that begin at Adamantas port. These beaches include Kleftiko, Sykia, and Gerakas.

Serene beaches exist throughout the island, although there are some that are more popular among residents and tourists. If you’re interested in a quiet day at the beach, consider the beach of the traditional village of Aghios Konstantinos, which is on the way to Pollonia. You can explore some caves, or just sit back and relax in the natural beauty for which Milos is so well known.

Northern Milos Beaches

Sarakiniko Beach

An ABSOLUTE must-see and visit is Sarakiniko Beach, located on the Northeastern part of Milos Island. It’s one of the most photographed landscape so it’s guaranteed to wow anyone. The beach “entrance” or inlet lures swimmers inward, with its emerald waters that gradually metamorphosize into deep blue waters once past the unique and spellbinding “moonscape” that is the white volcanic rock that formed both big and small caves. The white rock is reminiscent of the moon’s surface as it reflects light with its bare surface.

Milos Island Beaches
Milos Island Greece Sarakiniko Beach

Kapros Beach

Yet another example of a sandy beach surrounded with white volcanic rock on Milos Island, with inviting bright blue waters located near Pollonia and also easily accessible by car or bus.

Milos Island Beaches
Milos, Greece Kapro Beach

Pachena Beach

Located in Glaronissia, the vast Pachena Beach is simply glorious. It boasts unusual rocks that rise from the blue waters that excite all visitors with this rare sight. Being a sandy beach, it offers a wonderful opportunity to sit back, relax, and take in the views while sunbathing. Nearby accommodations make it easy for tourists to enjoy yet another one of nature’s beautiful creations.

Milos Island Beaches
Glaronissia Beach Cave

Papafragas Beach Caves

A deep sea cave known as the Cavern of Papagragas is a site not to be missed. It provides an opportunity to swim in the gorgeous green blue waters surrounded by grey-white rocks that lead swimmers to the open sea, once they pass the narrow entryway. Though small in size, this speech want to disappoint anyone, as it is carved out of the an enormous steep rock.

Milos Island Beaches

Plathiena Beach

Snorkel and sunbathe on a less crowded, sheltered-from-the-wind beach with clear blue water and ample parking. Organized and clean, Plathiena Beach won’t disappoint tourists who are seeking a calm swimming experience and a sunset that leaves the soul in awe.

Tourkothalassa Beach

Another example of nature at its finest is the beach of Tourkothalassa. Surrounded by a grey-white mountainous terrain, its waters, rich blue-green in color lure in visitors at this sheltered sandy and pebbled beach.

Milos Island Beaches

Alogomandra Beach

A sandy beach surrounded by majestic rock with green-blue waters is what Alogomandra offers tourists. This is a perfect beach for families with young children, as the waters are calm and shallow.

Achivadolimni or Chivadolimni Beaches

Swim in the deep blue waters of Achivadolimni Beach, which is also the biggest beach on Milos Island. There’s also organized camping here. This beach is actually divided into two: Achivadolimni and Chivadolimni. The latter is an organized beach, with a bar and restaurants, and is great for windsurfing or kitesurfing, whereas the former is more isolated and serene.

Southern Beaches of Milos Island

Some of the greatest Greek island secrets lie in the beaches located in the southern part of Milos Island. For example, Agia Kyriaki is a fun beach that offers up volleyball court, beach bars, and parasols on this organized beach located close to accommodations. It’s course send is mixed with multicolored pebbles that will ultimately amaze you.

Firiplaka Beach

Almost as though it were painted by a master artist, this large beach is engulfed by gigantic volcanic rocks and fine white gray sand mixed with white pebbles that contrast with the emerald waters makes it a site to be seen. A quieter beach allows people to enjoy a serene day while sunbathing and enjoying the convenience of an organized beach with parasols and lounge chairs.

Gerontas Beach

A worthwhile visit, regardless of the challenges involved to accessing this beach. Visitors can take in extraordinary views of enormous white rocks and caves that contrast against the darker sand and pristine deep blue green waters. An impressive rock formation shapes like a bridge unites both land and sea, which makes it get another location not to be missed.

Kleftiko Beach

The natural rock formations with their cavities and caves created by the sea, wind, and time can be witnessed at Kleftiko Beach in Milos. This beach is also known as the Meteora Rocks of the Sea, the huge geographical phenomenal formations are impressive for their color, their size, and their locations. They can be enjoyed up close by boat, which can be hired privately, or visitors can opt for tours.

Milos Island Beaches

Tsigrado Beach
A white sand beach and impressive rocks with emerald waters make up this popular and exotic beach. It’s certainly a gem that’s worth exploring, and is relatively easy to access by a dirt road. Keep in mind this is not an organized beach, but it will be an unforgettable experience to swim in these waters. It’s important to note that this beach is breathtaking, but it comes with some risk at the point of entry, requiring visitors to climb down several ladders before accessing it. Needless to say, it may not be the best beach for families with young children.

Milos Island Beaches
Tsigrado Beach

East Milos Island Beaches

Rema, Agali, Kolympisionas, Kastanas, Tria Pigadia

On the island’s Eastern side, visitors can enjoy a variety of smaller, albeit less popular beaches that, while smaller in size have lots to offer. Much like the rest of the island, volcanic rock, over time which mixed with minerals, created multicolored pebbles that contrast against the rich blue, crystal-clear sea.

Sykia Beach

To reach Sykia, it’s only possible by sea. The cave has no rooftop, so it is lit up by the sun naturally, creating prisms as the rays bounce off the emerald colored waters. This Greek Island Secret is a hidden treasure that’s worth seeing and exploring with your own eyes. Once arriving at the cave, some say that they feel as though there inside a volcano, with a rocky beach that’s yours to explore.


The wind direction should dictate which parts of the island are to be enjoyed. The majority of tourists mostly opt for either the northern or southern beaches of Milos, although there are so many others on both the eastern and western sides that are notable and are worthy of exploring. Some visitors avoid these beaches because they are more challenging to reach, but that shouldn’t stop you!


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