Milos Island Greece Information

Milos Island Tourist Information

Milos Island is one of the 24 Cycladic Islands of Greece. It is the fifth biggest of the Cyclades and so unique in its way. It has an irregular shape, resembling a horseshoe that’s surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Plaka is its capital, and the island is becoming a staple among tourists, as it has so much to offer. Milos Island is famous for its landscape and breathtaking beaches. Truthfully, no photoshop is ever required when taking pictures here.

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Milos can be accessed either by plane, ferryboat, speedboats and by personal boats or yachts. There are ample buses and taxis to help you get around, although some prefer their own personal transportation, such as car or scooter rentals.

Map of Milos Island

There’s lots to do when visiting Milos Island. Take in the breathtaking natural sites, relax by some of the most gorgeous beaches of the world, or admire the pretty Cyclades Islands architecture. Be sure to visit the famous local ruins, and enjoy the fine dining, and the exciting nightlife it has to offer. Simply put, there’s something for every type of tourist in Milos.

Bring your camera, wet shoes, and your bathing suit to enjoy nature at its finest.