Milos Island and its Glorious Modern Villages

Milos Island Modern Villages and Tourist Centers

Milos Island modern villages, like Adamantas, make for great visits. This particular one is a modern community that sits on the island’s bay. It also happens to be one of the biggest tourist centers of the island of Milos. It is also the primary port of the island which sits on the north side of the bay. It is home to about 1100 inhabitants. Adamantas is quite a sight with its pretty architecture that consists of mainly small white homes. Their yards are often decorated with numerous colorful flowers that’s in keeping with the beauty of the Cycladic islands.

Milos Island Modern Villages

Adamantas is full of life in summer, as it has great entertainment and nightlife that continue right until dawn, although many can find little corners in which to relax and experience a made-to-measure vacation. Some places can be loud, as many bars are playing different types of music throughout the night. There’s lots to do, great places in which to dine, enjoy seaside coffee or drinks, and more. Lagkada beach is nearby, just 500 m from the town center, and not too far along you’ll find the Hot Springs of Lakkos. Papikinos beach is about 1 km from the town center if you’re looking for something different. The Church Museum is definitely a site to take in, as it houses the 1000-year-old holy Trinity Church.

Milos Island Capital – Plaka

Plaka, the island’s capital, is reminiscent of the Cycladic architecture. The narrow flowered stone-tiled paths that wind through the city, its whitewashed walls, and absolutely breathtaking views feed the eyes and the souls of tourists. It boasts traditional mom-and-pop shops, cafes, and restaurants. On the top of the hill, visitors will seek the Venetian 13th century Castle and enjoy impressive sunsets and views of the neighboring islands of the Cyclades. At the top of the Castle is the “Assumption of the Virgin,” a church. Below it lies another, the “Ypapanti of Christ” built upon a black boulder.

Don’t miss the two museums that demonstrate the island’s heritage.

Triovasalos and Pera Triovasalos

These densely populated neighboring villages are an extension of one another, and both being amphitheatrically built, are quite commercially active. Much of the commercial activity occurs at Karavodromos in Triovasalos where one would find various public services, banks, shops, and cafes. Alternatively, Saint George and Saint Spyridon churches may be visited in Pera Triovasalos.


A beautiful village, quaint and worth a visit is Plakes. It has whitewashed houses and beautiful alleys, and easy access to an incredibly welcoming beach known as Plathiena. This location gives any visitor the opportunity to visit Saint Haralambos Church to admire the island’s oldest icon.


Pollonia or Apollonia

This fishing village is home to 300 inhabitants and is located on the northeastern edge of the island of Milos. Pollonia is the major port and is the island’s second port. Rumor has it that it is named so due to the Temple in honor of Apollo which was situated on The Lighthouse of Pelekouda. Pollonia is about 14 km from Plaka. Visitors can enjoy a scenic beach, plenty of accommodations, and inviting cafés and restaurants, as well as Greek style tavernas along the seaside. Seafood and fish arrive daily, from the local fishermen, so you’re sure to have an excellent dining experience here. Also, visit the chapel of St. Nicholas, which is built on a picturesque peninsula. Around Pollonia is the ancient city of Fylakopi with its ruins that are also worth a visit. For beach lovers, you’ll find four notable beaches: Mytakas, Agios Konstantinos, Papafragas and Kapros. The sulfur mines at Theioryheia are to the south of the village.

Trypiti or Tripiti

Milos Island Modern Villages

Adjoining the village of Plaka, and built upon the ruins of the ancient city of Klima is today’s Trypiti, with its preserved windmills converted into visitor accommodations. The village is built around the dominant Church of St. Nicholas. Tourists can enjoy an exceptional view of the bay, with opportunities to visit the Ancient Theater, as well as the nearby Catacombs that may even be visited on foot.


With its 150 residents, the village of Zefiria, located just 9 kms from Plaka, welcomes tourists, offering them Panaghia Portiani, the old cathedral of Milos and pretty beaches: Agia Kyriaki and Palaiohori beaches. If travel plans allow, try to visit during their big festival in honor of the Virgin Mary, every 15th of August.

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