Mykonos The Greek Island Playground For Everyone

At the heart of the Cyclades lies Mykonos the Greek Island playground for everyone. It’s a hip, trendy, and chic island. Not too long ago, it was renowned for being the playground for the rich, and a vacation paradise for young gay men and women. Mykonos is also popular for its nudist beaches that young gays are so drawn to. Some could say that the island is a bit extreme, but that’s what makes it so special. Today, while still on the extreme side, Mykonos is somewhat softer, and families and young couples are beginning to reclaim some of those popular beaches.

Mykonos Island Beaches For Families and Couples

Mykonos - the Greek Island Playground

Mykonos is an island of granite with virtually no trees, with much of its beauty lying in its true Cycladic architecture, with blue-domed churches surrounded by modest homes reminiscent of sugar cubes that reflect the sunlight that bounces off the beautiful blue waters of the sea. It continues to maintain its magic, luring celebrities who are frequently spotted on the numerous sandy beaches along the southern coast of the island.


Mykonos - the Greek Island Playground
Elia Beach, Mykonos


Mykonos Island Weddings

In recent years, it has become quite the wedding and honeymoon destination. Luxury weddings are a common sight on Mykonos Island. Many Mykonos-based wedding agencies have lots to offer couples looking for an unforgettable wedding.


Mykonos - the Greek Island Playground
The Island of Mykonos is still the place to be for the most attractive scenery, and the most rich and famous people.

There are lots of ways to enjoy Mykonos, no matter what the budget. Independent travelers can get impressive budget holiday deals, while bigger budgets can enjoy cruises and luxury 5-star luxury hotels.

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