Mykonos Island Beaches

Explore Mykonos Island Beaches 

There are lots of beaches to pick from, depending on your needs or comfort zones, whether you prefer organized or quiet, secluded places to swim and sunbathe. Mykonos (Μύκονος) boasts picturesque coves and sandy beaches that are quite easy to reach, either by public or private transportation.

Agios Ioannis (West Coast)


This Mykonos beach provides views of Delos and the channel that divides these islands. There are numerous hotels and room accommodations, lots of great taverns, water sports, and is of course, a fully organized beach. Although umbrellas and lounge chairs are available for rent, they are difficult to get because the beach is so popular, and thus, gets crowded. Agios Ioannis Beach is accessible via an asphalt road, just 3 1/2 km from the town of Mykonos. Parking is available, but it’s limited.

Agios Stefanos Beach (West Coast)

Agios Stefanos is a pebbled beach, and is nearby the New Port of Tourlos and a chapel by the same name.

Agari Beach (Southern Beach)

Mykonos Island Beaches

Agrari Beach is a more isolated one and perfect for those that prefer a break from it all. This beautiful sandy beach with crystal waters, and is organized, offering lounge chairs, umbrellas, water sports, and a beach bar.


Elia Beach (Southern Beach)

Elia Beach, one of the bigger and popular beaches on Mykonos, is also one of the prettiest. Surrounded by high hills and its gorgeous white sands that contrast against the blue waters, it’s no wonder why people flock to it. It’s an organized beach offering lounge chairs, cafe, restaurant, and hotels. Accessing Elia Beach is easy, and there’s even bus service.


Fokos Beach (Northern Beach)

Fokos Beach is located just past the second dam. It’s peaceful and offers a different landscape than the usual. Nearby is the Beach of Mirsini, yet another place to rest and soak up some sun. Access to the beaches is via an asphalt road, with directions to help visitors. There’s parking, but it’s privately owned by the restaurant.


Ftelia Beach (Northern Beach)

Ftelia Beach offers great waves and wind, perfect for windsurfing. There is a restaurant nearby, and access is via a partially asphalted road, on the way to Ano Mera. Just follow the signs. Parking is available.


Kalafatis Beach (Southern Beach)

Kalafatis Beach is great for anything and everything, from great food to great swimming. There’s water sports equipment for rent, too. The beach is large enough to accommodate those who want to relax and swim, and those who prefer water sports fun. Plus, there’s natural shading from the tall trees that surround the beach.

Mykonos Island Beaches
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Agia Anna Beach (Southern Beach)

Agia Anna Beach is just by Kalafatis Beach, but this one is small. Lounge chairs and umbrellas can be rented, and refreshments are available. Agia Anna is also a Diving Center. Take lessons of go for and underwater experience.

Kalo Livadi Beach (Southern Beach)

Kalo Livadi is also a beautiful, a very popular beach in the southern part of the island. It is located between Elia and Kalafatis and is one of the biggest beaches in length and in width. The music plays loud from the nearby restaurants and also features beach service, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, shower, and nearby hotel. Beach access is via an asphalt road, just by the Ano Mera soccer field.

Korfos Beach (West Coast)

Situated just 2.5 km away from Mykonos Town, and just before Ornos Beach, you’ll find Korfos Beach, known for its great winds and waves, making it ideal for windsurfing. Korfos Beach is accessed via an asphalt road that leads from Mykonos Town to Ornos. Parking is available.

Lia Beach (Southern Beach)

Beautiful emerald waters and dense sand make this southern beach a major attraction. It features good music for entertainment (but it is loud), a bar, an eatery, shower, and lots of umbrellas and lounge chairs to rent. Lia Beach is accessed via a road, but it’s not a smooth ride, however, the beach makes up for the trek.

Lia Beach

Ornos Beach (West Coast)

Situated just south of Korfos, this family beach gets busy because of its location in the touristy Ornos. As it is in a bay, there are no strong winds to contend with, and there’s plenty of reliable transportation to and from the beach, as well as lots of good restaurants and hotels to choose from. Ornos Beach is easily accessible thanks to an asphalt road that is in great condition, however, there is limited parking available. The beach features umbrellas and chaises for rent, a shower, beach bar, restaurant, hotels and rooms to rent nearby.

Paradise Beach (Southern Beach)

Also known as Kalampodi, Paradise Beach, situated on the southern part of the island, has been a popular one since the 60s. It features coarse sand, natural shade, a restaurant, umbrellas and chaises for rent, a playground, an internet cafe, beach bar, water sports equipment rentals, camping, rooms for rent and more.

Platis Gialos (Southern Beach)

This beach is extremely popular and is almost always crowded. Platis Gialos Beach appeals mainly to tourists, singles or couples, with or without children, and is fully organized. It features umbrellas and chair rentals, showers, restaurant, hotel, bus transportation, a beach bar, rooms for rent, diving center, and water sports.

Ftelia Beach (Northern Beach)

This northern beach features great strong winds that are perfect for windsurfing enthusiasts. It’s located in the Panormos Bay, and the western side of the beach boasts comfortable breezes and a lagoon-like landscape with calm waters. The beach has two sides, separated by rocks where a Neolithic site with ancient findings is protected. The beach is not organized but there is a restaurant. Ftelia Beach can be reached by following the signs toward Ano Mera, but only a part of the road is asphalted.

Psarou Beach (Southern Beach)

Mykonos Island Beaches
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Psarou Beach is a truly beautiful, trendy, fully organized beach that features great golden sandy shores and emerald green waters. It is known to be the “in” beach that all the celebrities and VIPs frequent. With a popular diving center and all other “necessities” to make a beach a haven, Psarou Beach is a must-see. Umbrellas, lounge chairs, showers, restaurants, hotels, and a beach bar are all available.

Super Paradise Beach (Southern Beach)

Mykonos Island Beaches
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Super Paradise Beach, aka Plintri, is not only the most famous beach on Mykonos Island, but possibly of all the Greek Islands. It is known for its nudists, endless parties, incredible clubs, crowds, and clubs. Truly an experience not to be missed. Super Paradise Beach is located 7 km from Mykonos Town and offers chair and umbrella rentals, restaurants, beach bar, showers, water sports equipment rentals, boat service, room accommodations, hotels. There is no public transportation to this beach. Access to Super Paradise Beach is via privately owned vehicles, as well as by boat.

Map of Mykonos Greece

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