Naxos – Greek Island with the Best Traditional Villages

The Cyclades are probably the most popular Greek Islands, thanks to the fame surrounding Mykonos and Santorini, but there’s another island in this group that is finally, and deservedly so, gaining attention.

Greek Island with the best traditional villages

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and has lots to offer tourists, from ancient ruins to sandy beaches to amazing food and local produce. More than that, Naxos is the Greek Island with the best traditional villages – 46 of them to be exact! Each of them has a special something that provides a glimpse of the way things used to be.

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Of course, each village in Greece, to some extent, mimics every other, with its own butcher shop, bakery, town square, and kafenio (cafe), although each is unique in so many ways. As Greeks are traditionally religious, there is also at least one church. What’s absolutely wonderful about the villages of Naxos is that they aren’t commercialized – probably because the majority of tourists don’t explore extensively inland.

Greek Island with the best traditional villages

Things to do in Naxos

A visit to Naxos traditional villages will make you feel like a native, without all the hustle and bustle of the more touristy places of the island. So, you can enjoy some real R&R, eat exceptional food, and see some amazing sights of a life most of us can’t even fathom any longer. And don’t forget that the waterfall in Routsouna can be accessed by a hike from Keramoti, just one of the many beautiful best traditional villages of Naxos Greece. Others include Apiranthos, Sangri, Halki and Koronos.

The region of Tragea you’ll come across the village of Halki Naxos, situated 16 km from Naxos Town, which is also known as Chora. The town’s long history dates back to when it was the capital of this island paradise, and as such, any onlooker can see the wealth that existed in this village through the neoclassical buildings and well-preserved Venetian Towers. There are also Byzantine churches in the area – dating back to the ninth century!

things to do in Naxos
Vallindra Kitron

While here, stop off at the Vallindra Kitron – a distillery that you can actually get a guided tour for free and with a product sampling at the end.

Greek Island with the best traditional villages
Filoti Village

Still in the region of Tragea is Filoti Village, just 19 km from Naxos Town. Filoti Village is charming, situated on a hill in proximity to Zas Mountain. Its main street is home to restaurants and cafes, and leads to the quaint town square that’s lined with pretty taverns and yes, more cafes.

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