Paros Island Greece at a Glance – Sun, Surf & Party

No matter what type of holidays you’re looking for, Paros Island (παροσ in Greek) is sure to make them dreamy. Another one of the gorgeous Cyclades Islands, Paros will intoxicate you with its aromas of jasmine and bougainvillea.

Its inviting beaches, popular or secluded, will have you swimming and sunbathing for hours, and its winds will provide the perfect environment for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Paros was once famous for its marble used in statues. But today, the Cyclades Island is fast becoming a vacation destination for swimmers, sunbathers, windsurfers, and for its nightlife.

paros island

Take in the pretty Cycladic architecture as you stroll through the labyrinth of alleyways in Parikia.  Unwind in one of the many charming marinas of Naoussa.

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Turn it up a notch and head over to the exciting beach bars
open day and night, for loud music and exotic cocktails.

Paros Island Attractions

One of the major Paros attractions is the Church Of 100 Doors, also known as Panagia Ekatontapiliani. FYI, it is one of the earliest churches of the Aegean islands.

paros island
venetia koussia

Take in the works of art sculpted by Mother Nature herself at Kolymbithres. Granite smoothed by the sea and the winds have formed incredible shapes that must be seen in person.

Paros Island Villages

Naoussa Village

Naoussa Village, located 10 km away from Parikia, on the southern side of the island, provides a cosmopolitan atmosphere and boasts both an exciting nightlife and relaxing beaches.

What was once a pirate’s den is now a welcoming place at to dine or enjoy a coffee or a cocktail.

Parikia Village

Parikia Village is both the capital of the island and and the main port. It features traditional Cycladic architecture, pretty churches throughout, and a Venetian castle.

Lefkes Village

Lefkes Village, one of the most beautiful villages in all the Cyclades, sits on a mountain at the heart of the island. Surrounded with lush greenery and traditional architecture, it is a most Instagrammable village to visit.

Paros Island traditional village with whitewashed homes and Byzantine marbled path

Sloped like an amphitheatre, its whitewashed homes and new classical buildings built on peaceful alleyways that lead to the 1,000 year-old Byzantine marbled path.

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Marpissa Village

Marpissa Village, an inland 16th-century haven is well worth a visit, with its rich history and traditional windmills.

Prodromos Village

Prodromos Village, another inland picturesque village that welcomes visitors with a vaulted roof, is dotted with Cycladic architecture.

Paros Beaches

Paros Island is famous for its stunning beaches carpeted with golden sand and its exotic waters.

For swimming, these beaches of Paros are among the best:

  • Santa Maria
  • Parasporos
  • Pounta
  • Kalogeros
  • Chrysi Akti
  • Kolymbithres

Best Beaches for Windsurfing in Paros

For windsurfing, the ideal beaches are Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, both located on the south eastern side of the island.

Map of Paros Island Greece

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