Paros Island Tourist Attractions

Located in the center of the Aegean Sea, the island of Paros is one of the popular Cyclades island group. It lies just west of Naxos and about 161 km from the Port of Pireaus, and is a hugely hot tourist destination.

Paros Tourist Attractions

The mountain town of Lefkes is simply breathtaking. Lots of shops for interesting gifts, souvenirs and for personal shopping. There’s a beautiful cathedral, great food and terrific views. Being on the Byzantine route,┬álined with picturesque small cobblestone streets and white homes, there’s lots of monasteries, too, making for a perfectly spiritual visit.

Lefkes. Paros

Parikia, Paros. The Church of the Virgin Mary is nestled in this, the capital of the island of Paros. The picturesque fishing port is not to be missed, with boats and ferries leaving day and night. The nightlife is rich, with great cafes and bars, in this walkable town. There’s also great shopping!

The Archaeological Museum in Parikia

Behind the Church of One Hundred Doors is the Archaeological Museum. While small in size, it’s definitely worth a visit, as there are numerous well restored and important sculputres and figurines of the Cycladic collections.

The figurines are all from the island of Paros and are all displayed without any glass barriers. The exhibits range from the early Cycladic period through the Hellenistic years, with the most treasured piece that is the oldest figurine from the Cyclades to be found. Open Tuesdays through Sundays until 3pm.

Church of One Hundred Doors

On the north-west side of the island is the Parikia, the capital city of Paros, where the ancient capital also lies. It’s situated on a bay and thus is known for being a major hub for ferries that travel to other Aegean islands, including Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Naxos and Crete.


Architecture of Paros

The capital of Paros is picturesque, traditionally decorated with whitewash walls and beautiful blue doors and shutters.

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