5 Reasons to Vacation in Lefkada, Greece

Greece is renowned for its many beautiful islands and all they have to offer tourists looking to fulfill their need for breathtaking scenery, archaeological finds, and the interesting way of life of its people. The Island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea truly is a hidden jewel that must be explored by all, at least once.

Lefkada Vacation

Lefkada has pristine crystal clear waters and breathtaking views from every angle of the Island, thanks to its majestic peaks and its mountainous terrain. One of its best attributes is that Lefkada is a well-kept secret that has yet to receive its fair share of well-deserved attention, so tourists can enjoy an exceptional vacation without paying top dollar rates, as when compared to other better-known Greek Islands.

1. Lefkada Beaches


Lefkada Vacation
Porto Katsiki Beach


Porto Katsiki Beach is a must-see destination where Mother Nature was feeling exceptionally artistic while creating this awe-inspiring area of the island. The hard, mountainous terrain meets the turquoise-blue sea, and is lined with beautiful white pebbles–simply food for the soul!


Lefkada Beaches

Egremni Beach
Kalamitsi Beach


Lefkada Vacation
Meganisi Cave


Lefkada Beaches
Poros Beach


2. Lefkada Sunsets

The sunsets in Lefkada warm the heart with burnt umber skies that outline the trees, the interesting architecture, or that simply fade into the sea. The sunsets differ significantly from one beach to another, so be sure to visit different locations during what will likely be an unforgettable visit to this Ionian Sea Island.


Sunset at Kalamitsi Beach

3. The Waterfalls

Nidri’s waterfalls are an excellent place to spend an afternoon. It’s a beautiful trek up the mountain that will lead to a picturesque area that’s well worth a visit.

Nidri’s waterfalls



4. The Attractions

Lefkada’s Lighthouse

Lefkada’s Lighthouse stately sits atop a mountain that allows visitors panoramic views of the island and beyond, making it a popular attraction.attraction.


5. Food and Accommodations

Lefkada has ample accommodations that vary widely in price, depending on the location, the season, and the actual accommodations, capable of catering to any budget, which makes it attractive to tourists from all walks of life. Additionally, tourists have several opportunities to enjoy either casual meals or fine dining by the sea in numerous locations around the island.

Greek Island Secrets seaside dining

Lefkada Restaurants

Lefkada Vacation



Lefkada Hotels
Porto Galini. Nikania Lefkada


Map of Lefkada Island

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