Salamina Island

Salamina Greece – A One Day Trip to the Greek Island Close to Athens

Salamina Greece (Σαλαμίνα in Greek) or Salamis is the largest island in the Saronic Gulf and it’s a perfect day trip if you are in Athens as it’s very close! You can get there with just one euro and a 15-minute ferry.

Salamina Greece

Salamina is not as famous as other Greek Islands like Mykonos, Santorini, or other islands of Saronic Gulf like Aegina, Agistri or Hydra. That’s because most people choose the island for a small day trip and there is no need for big planning. Many Athenians go to Salamina on the weekend to escape from the hot climate of Athens and spend their day on the beach. That’s what you’ll see if you visit the island – the typical beach weekend of Athenians.

Things to do in Salamina

When you arrive in Salamina, you won’t notice anything too touristic! The island is rich with traditional Greek taverns where you can enjoy fresh fish, small summer cottages and beaches to enjoy relaxing hours.

Highlights of a day trip on Salamina Island

A ferry ticket with only one euro!

It’s extremely easy and cheap to go to Salamina! The only thing you need is to get to the port of Perama, west of the port of Piraeus and from there it’s just 15 minutes by ferry. All the ferries can also carry cars too.

A trip to Ancient Greece! A Glimpse at the History of Salamina

Salamina is renowned for the Battle of Salamina, a naval battle between some Greek cities headed by Themistocles and the Persian Empire under King Xerxes. The Greeks won this battle even if the Persians were more plentiful.

While you are heading to Salamina with the ferry and you observe the blue waters where the Battle took place, let your imagination take you back to ancient Greece. Visit the ancient port of the island where you can see the famous sculpture in memory of the battle.

Best Salamina Beaches

The island offers a range of beaches to choose but as the locals advise, the best Salamina beaches are those located in the southern part of the island. You can visit Faneromeni Monastery and from there you can go to the northern beach, Psili Ammos where usually there are many families. Another good choice in the north is Iliakti Beach which is a small cove.

On your way south, don’t forget to visit Kanakia Beach, a relaxing sandy beach where you can enjoy the view of the little island, Kanakia. Other beautiful beaches that you can visit in Salamina and many locals propose are Aeanteio, Saterli, Kaki Vigla and Selinia.

Take a break in Agios Nikolaos

If you want to enjoy a coffee or a drink next to crystal blue waters, Agios Nikolaos is the best place for that!

Faneromeni Monastery

If you have enough time, visit Faneromeni Monastery that is located on the northwest coast of the island and it was used in the past as a hidden place of Greek freedom fighters. You can admire in the Monastery many 18th-century frescoes.

Salamina Museums

The Archaeological Museum of Salamis offers exhibits from the Prehistoric Age to the Early Christian period. To learn more about the culture of the island, visit the Folk Art and History Museum in the city hall. There is also the Maritime Museum, a small outdoor museum with cannons and torpedoes.

Salamina Restaurants and Taverns – Cheap but Delicious Greek food!

As Salamina doesn’t attract so many tourists, the tavernas are more authentic and with well-priced. Choose a traditional plate of fish or seafood!

Other highlights of Salamina

Enjoy a stunning sunset in Paloukia with a view of Salamina Bay. You can visit also the cave of Euripedes that is near Peristeria beach. In Salamina like in other Greek islands, you can see on the road some historic windmills.

Salamina Hotels

Even if you want to spend a night there, it won’t be so easy! There are few Salamina hotels and rooms to rent, so you must plan ahead for an overnight stay. But, if you have only one day and a car, you can discover all the beauty of the island.

Are you still thinking if a visit to Salamina is worth it?