Santorini Attractions

Ancient Akrotiri is not to be missed when visiting Santorini. The excavations were started in 1967 and had a protective roof over the site, which unfortunately collapsed several years ago. As a result, it isn’t open all the time, and even when it is, not all parts of Ancient Akrotiri are open to the public but it ┬áis one of many Santorini attractions to see and visit.

Memorable Santorini Attractions

Why Visit Ancient Akrotiri, Santorini?

Well, if you like historical sites, Ancient Akrotiri will give you a glimpse at the life during the Minoan period. In fact, even Akrotiri is often referred to as the Minoan Pompeii because, as you may know, froze at some point between 1600 and 1500 B.C. as the island’s volcano erupted.

What to See in Ancient Akrotiri

There are many pots and other tools abandoned where they were left by the town residents, as they fled for their survival. There were never any human remains recovered which leads archaeologists to believe that the people had plenty of warning that destruction was on its way.

Santorini Attractions
Ancient Akrotiri — Minoan Ruins in Santorini


Santorini Attractions
Ruins at Ancient Akrotiri

Santorini Attractions


How to Get There

Akrotiri is accessed by the main street of the ancient commercial town. You’ll find lots of stores and other businesses lining this street. The triangular plaza will give you a better understanding of the people’s lifestyles so long ago.

You’ll spot many Pithoi, which are large clay pots or jars, descriptive plaques in different languages, and other impressive findings. Original works can be found at the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, taken there to preserve them as best as possible.


Santorini Attractions
Clay Pots


Santorini Attractions
Museum of Prehistoric Thira

Cost: 6 Euros (prices for admission are subject to change)


Ancient Thira

Santorini Attractions


Ancient Thira sits atop the mountains known as Mesa Vouna (or inside mountains) and has great views of Kamari and Perissa, two of Santorini Island’s popular beaches. The cliffs and views are absolutely breathtaking, and the ruins make it a complete place to visit.


Santorini Attractions
Kamari Beach


You’ll even get great views of Santorini, as well as the islands surrounding it. You can get to Ancient Thira on foot or by other means of transportation, such as buses, taxis, scooters or cars.

Getting there on foot allows you to take in a cave which hides the sole spring on the island. Otherwise, tourist buses leave from Fira and from the popular Kamari beach. You should leave yourself a few hours to take in all the site.

What’s to See?

Ancient Thira, another one of Santorini attractions, has lots of ruins, and all from different eras, so it can be complicated for some who are without a guide. There is the arc of the theater that encompasses Kamari town; the Roman baths of the Roman era; the remains of the Byzantine walls lie adjacent to the Roman baths, each of which competing for attention; buildings are from the Hellenistic era; and the Terrace of the Festivals offers an impressive view.

Santorini Attractions

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