Santorini Island Voted Best Island in Europe – See Why

And the winner of  the Best Island in Europe goes to Santorini Island!!! Santorini Island voted best island in Europe in 2015 for many reasons. The Travelers’ Choice Island Award goes to the incredibly beautiful island of Santorini, which, whether you’ve been there or not, is likely a place you recognize.

Oia, Santorini

Why is Santorini Island Voted Best Island in Europe

When people think of the Cyclades Islands, Santorini always comes to mind, with its white and blue-capped churches, and colorful homes and resorts that are carved directly into its steep cliffs.

Or, its breathtaking views and sunsets that literally give reason to living. 

The Famous Santorini Sunsets

Let’s not forget its gorgeous blue waters that meet the black sand beaches. Some call it “heaven on Earth” and others sum it up as simply “glorious” or “stunning.”

Santorini Island Architecture

On a global level, Santorini Island won fourth place overall. We could go on and on about the beauty of Santorini, but nothing says it better than pictures, as they are each worth a thousand words.

[googlemap address=”Santorini Island” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]

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