Sifnos Island – The Authentic Cyclades Island

Welcome to the Cyclades Islands’ hidden jewel – Sifnos Island, a perfect combination of natural beauty and architecture…

Its chic ambience is due to its rich reputation that dates back to antiquity where gold and silver were mined. Yet it maintains a peaceful balance and modesty.

Imagine a Cycladic vacation experience without the excessive crowds! Envision diving into the clear waters from rocky ledges!

Swim in secluded bays and quiet, calm beaches, like Fykiada or head to Playtis Gialos, Vathy, or Kamares for more upbeat, organized beaches.

This is Sifnos!

Sifnos Island Beaches

Sifnos Island beaches are family friendly, unspoiled, relaxing spots surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Take a bus or drive around the island to discover incredible beaches, organized or secluded.

Panagia Chryssopigi Beach: famous for its more adventurous swimmers who dive into water from rocky ledges and cliffs.

Platys Gialos Beach is one of the most popular and best beaches of Sifnos offering watersports and tavernas.

Faros Beach and its many fish tavernas and hotels is an attractive sandy beach that appeals to tourists.

Another, at the bay of Vathy Beach, with its sandy shores and crystal clear waters, amid the lush greenery is an excellent place to unwind and get some vitamin sea!

Kamares Beach invites tourists to discover its guests to a dip in the clear waters, with taverns and nearby accommodations.

Sifnos Villages

Sifnos Island villages are stunning and picturesque. Some cosmopolitan, others traditional, but all worth a visit.

Apollonia Village

Apollonia Village is both traditional and cosmopolitan, as is evident with its multitude of entertainment choices. Admire the architecture, stay for drinks at the chic cafes and restaurants. This is the home of the numerous panigyria (festivals), chock full of activities, music, and of course, food.

Artemonas Village

Artemonas Village, named after the Goddess Artemis, is known for its elegant homes, built in the Neoclassical style is a fine example of a traditional village worth visiting. Tour the village on foot and revel at the unique architecture of the monasteries and churches.

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Kastro Village

The most Instagrammable town in Sifnos is the cliff-top medieval village of Kastro.

It boasts traditional stone homes and narrow, paved streets – and what a view of the sea!

Sifnos Island
Kastro Village

Above all, upon entering Kastro Village, marvel at the Church of Seven Martyrs – a tiny, photogenic church that’s the most photographed chapel in the village.

But, don’t forget the other villages like Exabela, Faros, Vathy, Kamares, and Apollonia, are built in the typical and beautiful Cycladic style, with whitewashed houses and colorful windows and doors. Their courtyards painted and adorned with bougainvillea, and pretty, vividly-colored vines and flowers.

Things to do in Sifnos

Firstly, visit Kastro Village, the walled medieval settlement perched on a mountainous peak. Take a glimpse of a world gone by, as you enter through the ancient foundations and head onto the paths that lead to stone homes and little chapels. There are so many things to do in Sifnos.

Then, stroll through all the villages of this magnificent Cyclades Island. Follow the cobblestone paths to guide visitors through the traditional Cycladic architecture that is all around you.

Just stop and look at the whitewashed homes with contrasting vividly colored doors and windows, with the deep blue sea as a backdrop. What a magnificent picture!

Go hiking on the footpaths of the island!

Sifnos Island
Explore Sifnos on Foot!

Visit Apollonia’s Folklore Museum and discover the ceramics and pottery created centuries ago.

Furthermore, at the dock of Vathi Beach, right at the edge, sits a landmark – St. Taxiarchis. This 16th-century church makes this port an incredibly picturesque spot that will certainly take you away.

Sifnos Island

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Finally, explore the remains of the Sifnos Island Mycenaean-era Acropolis as you climb to the top of Agios Andreas Hill. If not for the history, then do it for the extraordinary views.

Best Sunsets in Sifnos

  • Vathy Beach, on the western side of the island
  • Agios Symeon Church, in Kamares Village
  • Church of Seven Martyrs, in Kastro Village
  • Troulaki Village, on the north side of Sifnos

Map of Sifnos Island Greece


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