Sifnos Island Tourist Attractions

Getting to know Sifnos Island

Another one of the 220 Cyclades Islands is Sifnos Island, which has plenty to offer tourists. Legend has it that this is the Greek island of Apollo, who gave it divine light. In keeping with the Cycladic architecture, though nowhere near the population of the other nearby islands. In fact, the island is home to about 2500 residents. Sifnos is draped with the whitewashed houses whose yards almost always include stone benches. It is rich with winding cobbled alleys that lead to the beautiful features of the island, such as the picturesque blue-domed whitewashed churches and pristine beaches.

Sifnos Island

A mountainous island with more than 700 kilometers of coastline, it has lots to offer visitors, regardless of what they’re looking for in a vacation. Its location makes it easy to access all year round, and from many ports from some of the most popular Cyclades Islands, but also from Piraeus. During the peak season, there are more frequent ferry services, however. The nearest airports are on neighboring islands, including Milos, Paros, and Syros. International airports, however, are only on Mykonos and Santorini.

Sifnos is, without a doubt, a gorgeous island located in the Western Cyclades. It’s a typical example of Cycladic island, which includes traditional architecture, relaxed beaches, ¬†and beachfront taverns. Renowned beaches are situated towards the southern side of Sifnos island and feature crystal waters, plush sand, and lots tourist amenities. Go to the extraordinary Monastery of Chrissopighi, the guardian of the island. Kastro is easily the most charming village in Sifnos Greece, with narrow paved roads, stone homes and exceptional sea view. From the entrance of Kastro, you will find the modest church of Seven Martyrs (above), is essentially the most photographed place of worship of Kastro.


Sifnos Island

Monastery of Chrissopighi

Sifnos has the most distinctive quantities of Cycladic architecture and natural beauty. Acclaimed amongst Cycladic islands, due to its sculpture and also cooking tradition, Sifnos is blessed with dazzling sceneries, beautiful settlements, heavenly beach fronts as well as remote coves. Of unique appeal is the ancient settlement of Kastro and its charming pathways. Much like other Cycladic Islands, Sifnos provides its travelers a friendly welcome. A stroll through the lovely areas of the island unearths a variety of churches and chapels, sandy beach fronts alongside green waters and numerous areas for remoteness. As opposed to some other islands in the Cyclades, Sifnos is almost certainly endowed with greenery and lush olive trees that establish an extraordinary antithesis with the prominent vivid white.

The small size of Sifnos Island enables you to discover it. The island’s western portion at which the vessel arrives is unimpressive. It does not reveal Sifnos features, in the beginning. However, the port is situated in the driest part of the island. After a little exploration, Sifnos will disclose its attributes and special gems for any fascinated traveler. The eastern part of Sifnos is packed with dense olive groves and almond trees, its slopes blanketed in wild juniper, it boasts dazzling deserted seashores, whitewashed charming Cycladic homes, and little churches. Countless attractive walking pathways connect the scenic towns and make Sifnos a great island for calm holidays. Sifnos boasts a distinguished tradition in exceptionally fine pottery, a superiority as a consequence of its superb clay quality.

Sifnos Island Tourism

Tourism peaks in summer, however, it is bearable as Sifnos far less crowded as compared to many other Cycladic Islands. That means it is a calm destination to enjoy a few laid-back holidays, but one must not imagine the island as deserted. The best sandy beaches and the alluring nightlife make Sifnos a perfect spot also for those who wish to blend peacefulness and a great time. However, in spite of the tourism development, the island has had been able to maintain its folk-life and traditions strong.


Sifnos Island

Over the past years, Sifnos is continuously growing in tourism, without relinquishing its distinctive characteristics. Geographically it is nestled in the Western Cyclades and can be coupled with other islands for vacations, like Milos, Serifos, and Kythnos. With classic Cycladic style and cozy beaches, Sifnos is a fabulous destination for entire families with children who want some easy-going days by the sea. Vathy, Platis Gialos, Faros, and Chrissopighi are beautiful beaches in which to go swimming, all situated on the southern side. The beach bars and clubs that are opened in Sifnos also bring in lots of young tourists to the island.

Four parallel mountain ranges will help tourists get around the island. The most distinctive peak is Prophitis Elias, which is almost at the center of the island. To the north lies Agios Simeon, another distinctive peak. Sifnos is a mountainous island made mostly of granite rock formations. Gold and silver mines existed in ancient times, as did the Sifnaion stone quarries whereby fine glass tableware was made, as you may have heard of Sifnia wine glasses.

Vacations in Sifnos are usually combined with other Cycladic islands, like Milos and Serifos.