Skopelos Island Greece At a Glance – A Journey in Nature

If you’re looking for a zen-like vacation, head to Skopelos Island Greece (Σκόπελος in Greek). Journey to the Sporades Islands cluster, located between Alonissos and Skiathos, to this natural, serene paradise.

See the stunning vista of layers of lush green shades of pine trees that envelope the picturesque Greek villages. They stretch right down to the shores and hidden coves!

Things to Do in Skopelos Island Greece

Skopelos Island, a calm and naturally beautiful place draws families and couples from around the world. Fishing boats dot the serene shores of this Sporades Island. The dense, raw forests with their winding paths draw you toward the cobblestone roads of the main town, Skopelos Town.

Fun Fact: Skopelos was where Mamma Mia, the huge box office musical hit was filmed.

Skopelos is also known for its plums. Three plum varieties grow on the island: avgato, sour, and Agen. Each variety has different uses, some for desserts and jams, and others in cooking, depending on the type.

Skopelos Island Beaches

The most popular, exotic beaches of Skopelos include Panormos, Milia Agontas, Armenopetra, Antrines, Glysteri, Elios, Velanio, and Pethameni.

But, other unexplored and equally magical beaches around the coastline await you to discover their hidden treasures.

Skopelos Island Villages

Skopelos Town

Welcoming, with charming chapels as well as buildings constructed in the neoclassical style: the enchanting Skopelos Town.

scopelos island chora

The capital, Skopelos Town, is a labyrinth that unfolds before you. It will fill your vacation with unforgettable memories thanks to its architectural beauty. Witness Byzantine castle ruins, the 40 tiny chapels, and the whitewashed stairs contrasting the colorful patio flowers of the well-maintained upper-class-homes belonging to rich merchants.

Walk around Town and take in its beauty, from its natural landscapes to its gorgeous architecture and then unwind at one the bars, cafes, or tavernas with a refreshing beverage.

Glossa Village

Glossa, another main town of Skopelos is worth a visit. Located on the northwestern side of the island on the hillside, is the small community with the Church of Panagia Elefterotria (aka Panagia Eleutherotria). This area also lends a great view of the Aegean Sea.

Legend has it that a sailor who was shipwrecked would make his way here to pray for safety. Eventually, was saved after finding the icon of the Virgin Mary.

Through the village’s charming alleyways, you’ll come across a traditional pottery workshop that not only creates but also sells impressive works.

The main harbor lies at Skopelos Town. The island’s second harbor, Loutraki, named after the Roman baths that once stood there, is built right on the Ancient Selinountas ruins.

Kastri Village

skopelos island kastri

Kastri, is home to Agios Ioannis, the once Catholic Monastery and now church featured in the wedding scene of Mamma Mia, the Hollywood musical starring Meryl Streep.

Climb the 110 steps to reach the now popular monastery built on top of a huge rock that put Skopelos Island on the map.