• things to do in Ios island
    Ios,  Ios Island

    Things to Do in Ios Island | The Cyclades Islands

    Nestled in the Cyclades Islands in the jewel-toned seas of Greece is the Island of Ios. Known for its impressive beaches and intense nightlife that drives youthful crowds, Ios, like most Greek Islands, is beautiful, romantic, and boasts a rich history. There are lots of things to do in Ios Island, depending on what you desire. Chora, the picturesque village of Ios Island is where the young crowds are drawn. The beach parties in Mylopotas start while the sun is hot and go through the night into the wee hours. Chora’s narrow paved streets bring out the charm of the village and fill the air with romance. From its peak,…

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  • Amorgos,  Cyclades

    Amorgos –The Big Blue Island of the Cyclades Ready to be Explored

    Legend has it that Amorgos Island is named after the rare therapeutic herb which grows on the slopes  of the island’s mountains. The island was renamed “The Big Blue,” in 1998, when Luc Besson’s film gave movie fans breathtaking shots of Amorgos Island through the eyes and the life of the divers. Even today every afternoon a café in Aegiali continuously screens the film … and it’s always full! The result of this is that the French love the island and it is visited by thousands every year, even from May. It is no coincidence that many French live in Amorgos and have bought their own homes there. History of Amorgos Amorgos…

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  • Sifnos Island
    Cyclades,  Sifnos

    Sifnos Island Tourist Attractions

    Getting to know Sifnos Island Another one of the 220 Cyclades Islands is Sifnos Island, which has plenty to offer tourists. Legend has it that this is the Greek island of Apollo, who gave it divine light. In keeping with the Cycladic architecture, though nowhere near the population of the other nearby islands. In fact, the island is home to about 2500 residents. Sifnos is draped with the whitewashed houses whose yards almost always include stone benches. It is rich with winding cobbled alleys that lead to the beautiful features of the island, such as the picturesque blue-domed whitewashed churches and pristine beaches. A mountainous island with more than 700…

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  • Antiparos,  Cyclades,  Paros

    Antiparos Island Attractions – Relaxing Vacations and Things to Do

    Antiparos Tourist Attractions The islet of Antiparos is perfect for a peaceful and comfortable vacation, and may quickly be reached from Parikia or Pounda by boat. Whether you want to bask in the sun and relax, Antiparos Island attractions can provide everything you want from a holiday getaway. The ancient name of Antiparos was Oliaros. A leading Neolithic settlement was unearthed in the neighboring islet of Saliagos and is regarded as the earliest in Cyclades.   Interesting Antiparos Island Attractions Antiparos Castle Hora (Town) of Antiparos has been constructed around a 15th century Venetian fortress, which is one of the things to do in Antiparos.     The Cavern of Antiparos The cavern of…

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  • Cyclades,  Naxos

    Naxos Greece Attractions and Beaches – Something for Everyone

    If you are looking for impressive attractions, historical landmarks or secluded beaches, then the beautiful island of Naxos Greece, (Νάξος in Greek) is your holiday destination as it has something for everyone.  This is the reason it ranks the most popular and beloved island of the Cyclades. Impressive Attractions The most characteristic landmark – a trademark of the island, is none other than the Portara, the Great Door. This is a big marble gate, the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, and like any door, it is located at the entrance of the island to accommodate its visitors. The Portara is like a huge picture frame on the horizon and there are…

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  • Cyclades Islands
    Cyclades,  Mykonos,  Naxos,  Paros,  Santorini

    The Best Cyclades Islands of Greece

    Touring The Best of the 220 Cyclades Islands Greece has approximately 1200 islands, but depending on their size and depending on who you ask, that number can jump to 6000.  Every island has something different to offer, and all our glorious in their own way, so no matter where you choose to visit, you’re certain to be pleased.  At the same time, it’s important to look at what each island offers, so that it is in keeping with your personality, your lifestyle and your budget.  Some are very popular and extremely busy during the summer months, such as Santorini, Mykonos, Zante, and  many others, so if your idea of a…

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  • Paros

    Paros Island Tourist Attractions

    Located in the center of the Aegean Sea, the island of Paros is one of the popular Cyclades island group. It lies just west of Naxos and about 161 km from the Port of Pireaus, and is a hugely hot tourist destination. Paros Tourist Attractions The mountain town of Lefkes is simply breathtaking. Lots of shops for interesting gifts, souvenirs and for personal shopping. There’s a beautiful cathedral, great food and terrific views. Being on the Byzantine route, lined with picturesque small cobblestone streets and white homes, there’s lots of monasteries, too, making for a perfectly spiritual visit. Parikia, Paros. The Church of the Virgin Mary is nestled in this, the…

  • Paros Island Beaches

    Paros Island Beaches

    Paros is known for its beautiful beaches, and is a favorite among windsurfers, thanks to the strong winds that are constant in the strait that lies between this island and Naxos. Below is a comprehensive list of Paros Island Beaches to help you choose where you want to soak up some sun, swim, or enjoy water sports.   Paros Island Beaches List Kolimbithres Beach Kolimbithres Beach, which means “swimming pools” is situated in Naoussa’s bay. If you’re visiting the island of Paros, Kolimbithres deserves a visit, as it is surrounded by granite that was naturally sculpted by the sea into intriguing shapes. Access to the beach is by an asphalted road…

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  • Santorini Attractions
    Cyclades,  Santorini

    Santorini Attractions

    Ancient Akrotiri is not to be missed when visiting Santorini. The excavations were started in 1967 and had a protective roof over the site, which unfortunately collapsed several years ago. As a result, it isn’t open all the time, and even when it is, not all parts of Ancient Akrotiri are open to the public but it  is one of many Santorini attractions to see and visit. Memorable Santorini Attractions Why Visit Ancient Akrotiri, Santorini? Well, if you like historical sites, Ancient Akrotiri will give you a glimpse at the life during the Minoan period. In fact, even Akrotiri is often referred to as the Minoan Pompeii because, as you…

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