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    Corfu,  Featured,  Ionian

    Corfu Island Greece at a Glance – A Marvel in the Ionian

    The French, Greeks, English, and Venetians have all left their mark on the beautiful Corfu Island Greece(Κέρκυρα in Greek and its rich and fascinating history can be enjoyed at every turn in the form of elegant mansions, stories and legends and mythical images… Visitors have described this Ionian Island as seductive, and once you experience Corfu’s music, its diverse culture, the many sights, and historic attractions, including the hidden alleys of Campiello, you will surely agree. Things to Do in Corfu Island Some of the must see buildings in the historic center of Corfu include the Kapodistria Mansion, the Catholic Cathedral, the Liston Arcade, St. Michael’s Palace, and the Maitland…

  • Featured,  Ikaria,  Northeastern Aegean

    Ikaria Island – Laid Back Lifestyle and Greek Island of Longevity

    If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, then head to the island of Ikaria, also Icaria (Ικαρία in Greek), named for Icarus, who was known for falling into the sea when the sun melted his wax wings. The beauty of Ikaria Island will enchant you with its clear waters and golden sand, and it’s an ideal place if you love to camp and simply enjoy your natural surroundings. The Ikaria locals live 10 years longer than the rest of Europe, on average, which is something they can probably thank the natural and active lifestyle for. When you want to explore the island, just drive to the inland and discover the…

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  • Dokos,  Saronic

    Dokos Greece – An Off-the-Beaten-Path Greek Island

    Dokos Greece, an island in the Saronic Islands cluster only has a population of about 50 people. Although it is now home to monks, historically, it was a thriving settlement. In fact, Dokos (Δοκός in Greek) was inhabited from as far back as 4,000 BC, and was booming in the 13th century BC, when it was known as Aperopia. Myti Kommeni and Ledeza were the flourishing settlements of the Mycenaean period. Dokos Islet lies between Hydra and Spetses, at the opening of the Gulf of Argos, and is part of the Saronic Islands. Its location in ancient times, in heavily traveled seas, made it important. It’s believed that the it played…

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    This Is How to Choose the Best Greek Island for Your Vacation!

    Greece is renowned for its thousands of islands, but only a mere 227 of them are actually inhabited and they truly are the jewels of the Mediterranean. There are clusters of Greek islands that dot the waters of the Ionian, the Aegean, and surrounding waters, and each has its own unique and alluring characteristics. With so many to choose from, it can be a difficult task for someone on a limited budget and time. So, we’ve simplified it to help you choose the best Greek Island for your vacation, no matter how short or long it is to be, and friendly to what ever budget you’re working with. The Way…

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  • Agistri,  Saronic

    Agistri Island Beaches for All, Even Nudists

    Agistri Greece, the little island paradise close to Athens draws many natives on the weekends from the capital for many reasons, such as its charming traditional villages. Agistri (Αγκίστρι in Greek), has lots to offer tourists from abroad, too! Chalikiada Beach The pebbled Chalikiada Beach of Agistri is located in Limenaria Village. Its privacy makes it the ideal place for nudists, but it’s challenging to reach because it requires climbing a cliff. It is also the preferred beach for tourists because it offers a lot of accommodations and different facilities to fulfill the needs of tourists. This beach is located 4 km southwest of Megalochori. However, there are many different beaches…

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  • Agistri,  Saronic

    Agistri Greece – A Greek Island Worth Exploring

    Agistri Greece is a small island located very close to Athens, and just a short ferry ride away. It’s a trendy holiday destination, due to its proximity to the capital, but also for its lovely beaches. Skala is a favorite place to visit on the Greek Island of Agistri (Αγκίστρι in Greek), with many tourist facilities and beautiful beaches. There is also nudist beach in Chalkiada, within walking range from Skala. For people that like taking tours this is a perfect place to do so because the local bus and a road train do just that, showing you the beautiful beaches of Aponissos and Dragonera. Agistri Island is an ideal place for a…

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  • Alonnisos,  Sporades

    Alonissos Island Vacations for Peace and Relaxation

    Alonissos (Αλόννησος in Greek), sometimes spelled Alonisos, is nature’s island. Without a doubt, Alonissos Greece is one of the more beautiful of all the Greek Islands. It’s actually a part of the North Sporades Islands cluster, and just 2 nautical miles from Skopelos. If you and your family prefer vacations that are relaxing and peaceful, you will find the soft quiet of Alonissos Island ideal. The colors are a perfect match, as the trees beam green and the seas sparkle blue. You can pass the time in the port, but it is the old village of the island, Hora, where you will discover the magic you seek. Take a walk through…

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  • Skopelos Greece
    Saronic,  Skopelos

    Skopelos Greece Welcomes You with Open Arms

    A glance at Skopelos Greece – an island to be a part of your Sporades island hopping vacation. Although there are a vast number of Greek Islands, Skopelos is memorable because of its rich vegetation, striking beaches, and postcard-like villages. The architecture specific to Skopelos, found in villages such as Skopelos Town and Glossa, help make the island one the most beautiful in Greece. The coastline of Skopelos is lined with lovely beaches with crystal-blue waters, including Stafylos, Panormos, and Elios, among many others. Chances are, you have seen imagery from Skopelos in the 2008 film, Mamma Mia! You too can make your way to the church from the Mamma…

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  • Skopelos,  Sporades

    3 Fun Things to Do in Skopelos Island

    When you make your way to the Greek Islands, be prepared for anything, from celebrities to wildlife and everything in between. No matter which of the magical islands you visit, you’re destined to have a great time. Here are 3 fun things to do in Skopelos Island, or Σκόπελος in Greek, an in the Northern Sporades. Play Meryl Streep in Kastri Kastri is a village, surrounded by forest, just outside of Agios Yiannis, with quaint houses and a small white church sitting atop a rock. When you get there, you will feel like you’re on your way to the Mamma Mia! Wedding from the 2008 film. This is where the scenes were filmed!…

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