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    Tzamaria Beach Ios

    Right at the entrance to the port of Ios, you will find the small cove of Tzamaria. Just 3 kilometers from Hora, Tzamaria beach in Ios is a sandy beach with very clean water. The beach isn’t ideal for swimming, but is very popular amongst snorkelers. When you do choose to swim at Tzamaria beach, keepin mind that the seabed is a combination of sand and rock, so you may want some water shoes! Tzamaria beach is totally secluded and unorganized but you can find tourist facilities just a 10-minute walk away in Ormos. Read also: Things to do in Ios

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    Neraki Beach Ios

    Don’t forget to visit Neraki Beach while visiting Ios. This small but charming beach sits on the northeastern part of the island above Agia Beach Theodoti. Neraki Beach is a sandy beach with small pebbles. It’s a natural beauty and a great place to enjoy amazing views of Paleokastro and Agia Theodoti. The beach doesn’t tend to get very crowded because it’s accessible only by a hiking road from Agia Theodoti. Neraki Beach is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, just keep an eye out for some of the larger rocks on the seabed. You’ll notice that many people also come to Neraki Beach by boat. Read also: Things to do…

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    Plakes Beach Ios

    Before you land on Ios, you will have surely heard of Plakes Beach, one of the island’s most popular beaches. This beach is known for its amazingly soft sand and calm sparkly water. The beach is remote and sits near Kalamos about 16 kilometers from Hora, northeast of Manganari. Plakes Beach offers scenery in a collection of stunning colors that you will never forget. The beach is the perfect place to go for a special experience in nature including diving in the crystal green water. While it’s not easy to get to Plakes Beach, the beautiful sand and water make the trip worth it. Read also: Things to do in…

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    Vathirema Beach Ios

    One of the most private beaches on Ios is Vathirema. The gorgeous and secluded cave is frequented by naturists, mainly. The water at Vathirema is especially crystal clear and the golden sand makes for a beautiful contrast. Vathirema Beach is the perfect place for a day of swimming and tanning under the Greek sun. You will find the beach sitting between Plakes and Psathi. You can reach Vathirema by foot or boat, depending on your preference. The beach is made up of two small bays, separated into two beaches. Each beach is a different size. The smaller beach has some rocks, while the larger beach is mostly sandy and ideal…

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    Things to Do in Ios Island | The Cyclades Islands

    Nestled in the Cyclades Islands in the jewel-toned seas of Greece is the Island of Ios. Known for its impressive beaches and intense nightlife that drives youthful crowds, Ios, like most Greek Islands, is beautiful, romantic, and boasts a rich history. There are lots of things to do in Ios Island, depending on what you desire. Chora, the picturesque village of Ios Island is where the young crowds are drawn. The beach parties in Mylopotas start while the sun is hot and go through the night into the wee hours. Chora’s narrow paved streets bring out the charm of the village and fill the air with romance. From its peak,…

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    Ios Island – An In-Depth Look

    Ios Island is Where Beauty Meets Culture Many believe Ios is the most beautiful of all the Cyclades Islands. Its name is derived from a flower, and it is linked to history through Homer, the epic poet, where it’s said to be not only Homer’s mother’s home, but also the poet’s final resting place. If you’re planning a trip to Greece, then don’t miss out on all that Ios has to offer. As the ferryboat reaches the island, you’ll experience automatically, the beauty of the island at the harbor in Ormos, which is built like an amphitheater on the side of a hill. At the top of this hill are…

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