• Ionian,  Lefkada

    5 Reasons to Vacation in Lefkada, Greece

    Greece is renowned for its many beautiful islands and all they have to offer tourists looking to fulfill their need for breathtaking scenery, archaeological finds, and the interesting way of life of its people. The Island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea truly is a hidden jewel that must be explored by all, at least once. Lefkada Vacation Lefkada has pristine crystal clear waters and breathtaking views from every angle of the Island, thanks to its majestic peaks and its mountainous terrain. One of its best attributes is that Lefkada is a well-kept secret that has yet to receive its fair share of well-deserved attention, so tourists can enjoy an…

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  • Lefkada Island Beaches
    Ionian,  Lefkada

    Lefkada Island Attractions

    Lefkada, which also has numerous other spelling variations, including Leukada (and others), is situated in the Ionian Sea, or on the west coast of Greece. What’s interesting about this island is that it can be accessed by car, thanks to the causeway that connects it to the mainland. It’s only about 9 miles from east to west and 22 miles from north to south, with its highest peak being Stavrota mountain. Lefkada Island attractions continue to draw huge crowds year after year, yet still is not as popular or as expensive as other, more well-known Greek Islands. Ideally situated between the popular islands of Kefalonia and Corfu, Lefkada offers a…

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