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    6 Spectacular Greek Islands for Dreamy Vacations!

    When you imagine the ideal summer holiday, Greece always comes to mind! White and blue houses, amazing landscapes, sandy beaches, and fascinating sunsets! With more than 5000 islands, it’s a difficult decision to choose which island you to visit for your next summer holiday. We’re here to propose to you our favorite islands to make your decision easier. So, these are the 6 spectacular Greek Islands for dreamy vacations for any type of tourist: Santorini Island Are you a romantic soul also searching for a bit of nightlife? Then, Santorini is for you! Santorini is so famous that its picturesque landscape is the most synonymous with Greece. Let yourself be soothed…

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    Best Romantic Greek Island – Folegandros

    While Santorini may be the island paradise for couples, it can be extremely crowded thanks to its beauty and popularity that surpasses all other Greek Islands. So, there is an alternative to the best romantic Greek Island – Folegandros. This is yet another Cyclades island that mimics the appearance and the beauty of Santorini, with cobblestone roads and whitewashed houses with blue doors that are perched upon cliffs. The views from the mountains are exceptional and the beaches are quieter yet equally beautiful to those of Santorini’s. You might be asking yourself if it’s so beautiful, then why is it so quiet. The answer to that is that it has…

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    Greek Island with the Best Scenery – Santorini

    No matter who you may ask, the answer is usually the same – Santorini is the Greek Island with the best scenery. Where else can you see unique architecture, with gleaming, whitewashed homes with vibrantly colored doors and windows built right into cliffs – all kissed by the sun and all providing the most incredible views that literally feed soul? And all this comes from a volcano eruption that occurred 3600 years ago that created one of the most beautiful places on earth – Santorini. The caldera (the cauldron-like depression formed after the volcanic eruption) left behind are now filled with turquoise waters that welcome cruise ships. Why is Santorini…

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    Greek Island Hopping – Guide and Tips

    It is strongly suggested to use reputable Greek travel agencies to book hotels, especially if you’re going to be Greek island hopping. Booking online through hotels can get you some special rates with accommodations, but the individual hotels do not provide any help with ferryboats. So, if you have a problem getting to the particular island where you have booked a hotel room, you will still be required to pay for those accommodations. However, booking through an agency provides security, as it is the agency’s responsibility to get you to that island. These Greek Island hopping tips can help you travel in a more budget friendly and secure way. The…

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    Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands–31 are Greek Islands!!!

    Recently, Trivago released their list of the 50 best Islands in Europe, 31 of which are Greek! Greece promises a memorable stay overlooking the most beautiful blue of the Mediterranean. And, it does this at some of the most competitive prices around. It’s probably why hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the Greek Islands. The Greek islands are must-visit destinations for so many reasons. First, they allow tourists to escape to the most ideal places on earth. No two islands are alike, as each one has its own magic to show off. The Greeks are also a hospitable people with a rich culture and incredible…

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    The Best Greek Island Pools

    The Best Greek Island Pools The Greek Islands are of the most incredible and memorable places to visit, for a variety of reasons–there is the beautiful scenery, views, waters, architecture, beaches, and more. There is also the culture to embrace, which is often different from one island to the next, as is are the food specialties. On the whole, Greek citizens from all over tend to have a similar cuisine, but they do differ in numerous ways, such as with local ingredients and preparation, and visiting the different islands presents tourists with ways to connect those people. Visiting the Greek Islands can mean different things for different people, such as…

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