Things to Do in Andros Greece You May Have Never Considered!

As one of the Cyclades Islands, Andros, (Άνδρος in Greek) sits at the most northern point of this cluster of islands. Andros is far different in its landscape, in comparison to the others, except for its sandy beaches, and don’t believe there aren’t many things to do in Andros Greece. The island is home to many captains and shipowners and boasts unique architecture with majestic mansions, unlike the other beautiful, yet typical Cyclades Islands, like Santorini, Mykonos, or Sifnos, for example.

Like Naxos, Andros is one of the least explored islands in the Cyclades. Visitors will bask in the lush landscapes, golden beaches, Venetian castles and so much more.

The Villages are Gateways to the Many Things to do in Andros Greece

The villages of Andros are scattered around the island and are each deserving of a visit. Walk through them and discover their beauty, history, and charm as they are the the hidden treasures of the island. Andros is of course, the greenest of all the Cyclades Islands.

Messaria, Stenies, and Livadia Villages

The medieval village of Messaria is connected by paved footpaths to the impressive flora of the island, as well as other charming villages like Stenies, which is located on the eastern side of the island and boasts beautiful cobblestone roads that lead to stone houses, imposing mansions and wall fountains. Alternately, the village of Livadia serves delicious grilled meat in their taverns.

Fanoremeni Village

Faneromeni Village, home to the Faneromeni Castle, and also known as the Upper Castle (also as Castle of Pano Kastro), is a sight not to miss. Perched at a height of 600 meters, the view of the from this vantage point is truly awe-inspiring! The Venetians built the castle above the Bay of Korthi. The interior of the castle provides glimpses of the outlines of homes and churches. Also, stop by the Monastery of Panagia Tomarhiani.


Palaiopolis or Paleopolis, the ancient capital town of Andros is only 16 km from Hora (Chora), the present capital of the island. The Archaeological Site of Paleopolis hosts exhibitions of excavations of ancient civilizations. It is easily accessible from a footpath with signs guiding the way.


In Chora, take the main road to the Girokomei Square. Or, walk on to Kairis Square to take in the marble fountain of Kambani. While here, take a seat under the plane trees for some shelter from the sun. Take a break and enjoy a coffee and tasty delights from the local pastry shops and bakeries.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Andros

The collection pays tribute to the Greek Island of Andros, housed in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Andros in the island’s capital. It draws art lovers from all over Greece and the world who can directly enjoy original works that travel through time.

Tourlitis Lighthouse

This lighthouse on Andros is different from all other lighthouses in the Cyclades – it’s built in the middle of the sea, atop a rock! The lighthouse, built in 1897, welcomes boats and yachts at the entrance of Chora’s harbor.

Andros Island


Visit Zoodochos Pigi in Batsi, the most tourist developed town on Andros island. It is surrounded by magnificent beaches, such as Golden Beach and Agios Petros.

The best way to explore Andros Greece is on foot. The island’s vast network of footpaths span across the island. Armed with a map, touring Andros Island is a breeze, promising to fulfill your every whim.