Things to Do in Milos Island Greece – Sights, Attractions & Fun

Heading off to the Cyclades Island of Aphrodite? The list of things to do in Milos Island Greece is long with its natural beauty, ancient findings, sights and attractions for every type of visitor.

Full of charm and pleasant surprises, Milos Island, located north of Crete, is yours to explore. Nature unfolds before your eyes, at every turn, every alleyway, and every beach. Prepare to be taken away…

Things to Do in Milos Island

  • Windsurfing is great at some of the island beaches.
  • Go on a memorable horseback ride on the beautiful beaches of Milos.
  • Take a boat tour or go yachting around Milos Island to take in the sights inaccessible by car or on foot.
  • Sightseeing in Milos could only be complete when visiting the picturesque fishing villages famous for their boat garages, including Klima, Mandraki, and Fyropotamos – all located on the northern part of this stunning Cycladic island.
Milos Island Boat houses - Syrmata

The Beaches of Milos

A trip to this romantic island will bring visitors to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Their colorful coastline, designed by mother nature herself, feature geographical formations – a result of the island’s volcanic origin.

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Five of the best beaches in Milos are:

Sarakiniko Beach, the most popular beach of the island featuring a moon-like surface but also for its breathtaking beauty.

Things to do in Milos Island
Milos Island Sarakiniko beach

Paleochori Beach, a renowned party beach with bars and restaurants decorated by multi-colored volcanic rocks.

Tsigrado Beach, with shallow waters and caves, is not only stunning but also fun to explore.

Firopotamos is known for its houses right in the water called Syrmata.

Kleftiko Beach with its emerging rocks from the blue waters ideal for snorkeling.

Things to See in Milos

Milos Mining Museum, though relatively new, displays the history about Milos and its role in mining.

Milos Island Villages

Plaka Village, while picturesque, also offers views to some of the most beautiful sunsets comparable to those of Santorini Island.

Milos Island Beach Sunset

Tripiti Village, with its windmills and ancient theatre is an impressive and picturesque village worthy of a visit.

Sikia Cave is a must-see sight in Milos, accessed only by boat.

Map of Milos Island Greece