Tilos Island at a Glance – Journey Through Nature

In the Dodecanese lies a small and quiet Tilos Island, where visitors are mesmerized by the original and unspoiled atmosphere. Enjoy its imposing mountains, medieval castles, beautiful beaches, natural springs, the Cave of Dwarf Elephants, and its abandoned medieval village -Mikro Horio.

Welcome to Nature in Tilos Island

The mountainous and lush elevations, hills, and valleys, covered with herbs and flowers, and the sinuous springs combine to provide captivating aromas in the air.

Species of rare birds find refuge here, and along with abundant sea life, create an eco-park protected by international treaties.

The culture of this Dodecanese Island has left an indelible mark through its medieval castles, Byzantine monuments, caves, churches, and rare iconography.

Tilos Island
Mikro Horio

Visitors enjoy the hospitality of the locals, who offer directions and information on the island with pleasure.

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Ferries provide connections to Tilos from Kos, Rhodes, and also from Piraeus, where the magic of the island captivates you. By just gazing at the sea, you will experience a floating sensation, the commencement of your voyage to the Aegean infinity.

Things to do in Tilos

Megalo Horio Town

Firstly, the capital, Megalo Horio Town, lies on the northern part of the island. Even in modern times, it has preserved its authentic character. Journey through the town, following the cobblestone alleys and admiring the traditional houses with their blooming courtyards.

Megalo Horio, offers the Paleontological Museum and the Church of Taxiarhis to visit. Then, the path leads you to the Castle of the Knights, located at the top of the hill. The panoramic views will be more than worthwhile.

Cave of Harkadio

The Cave of Harkadio in Messaria uncovered dwarf elephant fossils and Neolithic stone tools during archaeological excavations.

Livadia Village

Firstly, several rooms are available for rent in Livadia, the island’s harbor, that boasts tavernas and cafes. Also, their beautiful, beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters deserves a visit.

Tilos Island
The Port of Agios Antonios

Also, put the Church of Agios Nikolaos on your things to see and do list.

The Monastery of Agios Panteleimon

The Monastery of Agios Panteleimon is a historic site dating back to the 15th century. It has a carved wood icon screen as well as magnificent frescoes of the Almighty featured on the dome.

Discover the Picturesque Tilos Island Beaches

The beautiful Agios Antonios Beach features salt cedars, a chapel, and towering palm trees.

On the island, Eristos Beach is another popular one with lovely, refreshing blue waters and golden sand.

Plaka Beach is located in Agios Antonios Bay and is known for its eucalyptus trees and gorgeous peacocks.

With calm, clear waters, the small Lethra Beach offers privacy and seclusion.

Furthermore, other Tilos Island beaches include Skafi, Tholos and Agios Sergios, all accessed by caique vessels from Livadia. Also, take the footpath to get to Skafi.

Best Sunsets in Tilos

Tilos Island
Beautiful Sunrise

Agios Antonios Beach located in the northern part of the island.

Eristos Beach, on the western side of Tilos Island.

Mikro Horio Village, at the northeastern side of Tilos.

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