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Places to Visit in Milos, Greece

While there are traditional settlements throughout the island, that may deserve a visit, the principal settlements are typically built on small creeks and really should be explored. Some are built directly into the natural concavities of the rocks. Regardless of which, the homes are truly beautiful treasures of a rare island architecture. They impress upon onlookers their vivid colors that make them so pleasing to witness. Some traditional villages include Fyropotamos, Areti, Klima, Mantrakia, Fourkovouni, Aghios Konstantinos and Empoureio.

Milos Island Villages

Visiting the Traditional Villages of Milos

Klima Village

Klima is located on the Gulf of Milos, not far from Tripiti and just 4 km south of Plaka, where you’ll come across the scenic beauty of this quaint historic village. Klima is genuinely an impressive place, with the vivid accent colors on doors and steps of the architecture really draw the eye, leaving tourists wanting more. Its coast is lined with fisherman houses, known as syrmata, that are directly carved into the the rocks, with the ground-floor of these properties typically for rent to tourists these days. Originally, these parts of the homes were reserved for the fishermen and their boats, while the families lived on the upper floor. If you want to take fabulous photos for incredible memories, then this is the place to do it.  This picturesque village offers an amazing sunset, too.

The ruins provide insight to the way life used to be. There are still some remnants of the wall of the marketplace, as well as the Temple that date back to both the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Klima was established by the Dorians in 1100 BC, so there are lots to see regarding ruins, including two acropolises located at Pyrgaki and Prophitis.  Further down toward the Catacombs at the end of the Trypiti Road, you can walk along the path where you’ll see the ancient city walls, and the area that housed the gymnasium. You can also observe the site at which the Statue of Aphrodite of Milo was discovered. Unfortunately, the statue is in a British museum.

Firopotamos is another notable traditional village with an organized beach. It’s small in size but draws crowds that want to spend their day swimming or fishing.

Empourio is an almost deserted place located on the island’s northwest side. If you’re interested in relaxing and dining by the seaside, this is the place to do it. The scenic taverna sits nearby an excellent beach for a day of swimming, perfect for those who prefer quiet.

Fourkovouni is another traditional settlement with its waters lined by those familiar boat houses for which the island is so famous. Its pristine emerald waters and small beach make it enticing for anyone who wants to cool off on a hot summers day. The calm waters meet up with a rugged, mountainous terrain that serve as a backdrop to the vibrant and colorful seaside homes, which are often for rent.

We recommend seeking out the numerous traditional villages of Milos Island to uncover their individual beauty and all they have to offer.