Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands–31 are Greek Islands!!!

Recently, Trivago released their list of the 50 best Islands in Europe, 31 of which are Greek!

Greece promises a memorable stay overlooking the most beautiful blue of the Mediterranean. And, it does this at some of the most competitive prices around. It’s probably why hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the Greek Islands.

The Greek islands are must-visit destinations for so many reasons. First, they allow tourists to escape to the most ideal places on earth. No two islands are alike, as each one has its own magic to show off. The Greeks are also a hospitable people with a rich culture and incredible traditions that they share with all their visitors.

Visit the best of the Greek Islands without a care in the world. No matter where you go, it’s paradise. And, it’s safe!

Here is the list of the Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands

(These rankings are based on their hotels)…

Sifnos Island

Sifnos Island Beaches


Ios Island



Folegandros Island

Trivago's List of Best 50 Islands of Europe


Paros Island

Antiparos Greece


Kefalonia (Cephalonia)

Kefalonia beaches


Naxos Island

seaside dining naxos


Hydra Island

Hydra donkies


More of Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands

Mykonos Island

Trivago's 50 Best European Islands


Santorini Island

Trivago's 50 Best European Islands
Windmill in Oia


Siros Island

Syros Island Tourist Attractions


Milos Island

Milos Island Greece


Patmos Island

Patmos Monastery


Serifos Island

Best European Islands


Symi Island


Skopelos Island


Ithaki Island

Greek Islands


Kithira Island

Hytra Islet Cave - Kythira


Ikaria Island




Poros Island


Andros Island


Alonnisio Island

Alonnisos Island


Amorgos Island



Skiros Island


Tinos Island

Tinos pool


Lefkada Island

Porto Katsiki Lefkada



Balos beach, Chania Crete
Balos beach, Chania Crete


Karpanthos Island


Evia Island


Skiathos Island


Spetses Island



It’s easy to understand why the Greeks love Greece, and why the tourists keep coming to the Greek Islands! Now, Trivago’s 50 Best European Islands prove why!

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