Vathirema Beach Ios

One of the most private beaches on Ios is Vathirema. The gorgeous and secluded cave is frequented by naturists, mainly. The water at Vathirema is especially crystal clear and the golden sand makes for a beautiful contrast. Vathirema Beach is the perfect place for a day of swimming and tanning under the Greek sun.

You will find the beach sitting between Plakes and Psathi. You can reach Vathirema by foot or boat, depending on your preference. The beach is made up of two small bays, separated into two beaches. Each beach is a different size.

The smaller beach has some rocks, while the larger beach is mostly sandy and ideal for families and children. The scenery around Vathirema Beach is dotted with beautiful low hills and lush greenery. Keep in mind that there are no tourist facilities. So, pack a picnic and enjoy the privacy and quiet of Vathirema Beach.

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